Can Mattress Toppers Be Washed?

Can mattress toppers be washed?

What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is placed on top of your mattress and provides support that can increase a mattresses longevity by decreasing pressure on the springs and postponing any sagging or overall wear and tear.

What are the different types of mattress toppers and can they be washed?

The four types of mattress topper which are:

  • Memory foam toppers
  • Feather and down mattress toppers
  • Microfibre and hallow fibre mattress toppers
  • Latex mattress toppers

    A memory foam mattress topper is made of temperature-sensitive material, memory foam reacts to your body heat and contours to your shape, this is a quality that manufacturers claim to help relieve painful joints. This mattress topper should spring back to same height each time it is used unlike the microfibre which needs to ruffle up. A memory foam mattress topper can be washed by using a mild laundry detergent with warm water to clean your memory foam mattress topper. You should steer clear of low-quality or powder detergents as these may change the texture of the fabric on to the topper or even discolour it. Always remember to mix equal parts water and equal parts detergent in a bowl.

    Feather and down mattress toppers have a more traditional feel and are cheap, you can find a down mattress topper for as less as £50. The best feather and down mattress toppers are made from Hungarian goose down but of course can be very expensive. These natural options can tend to compress down quickly and will need to be regularly fluffed so they can keep their shape.

    Almost all feather and down mattress toppers can be machine washed (you should check the label) and if they are machine washable you would want to wash them in a larger washing machine which you would typically need to go to a laundrette for. You will need to add about half the amount of detergent you would generally use in a delicate cycle.

    Microfibre and hollowfibre mattress toppers are made of a synthetic material, that is frequently used in pillows and duvets, this mattress topper is the most affordable of all the mattress toppers out there. The microfibre and hollowfibre mattress topper is a good basic option if you need an affordable mattress topper. Majority of microfibre and hollowfibre mattress can be machine washable. However, you should always look at the washing label as most of these mattress toppers will be too heavy for a standard washing machine and will need to be taken to a laundrette to be washed. 

    The latex mattress toppers are made of rubber tree sap or synthetic rubber. Latex mattress toppers are generally cooler and more breathable than memory foam mattress toppers. These mattress protectors also contour to the shape of a person’s body, but the elasticity of the mattress topper means that it will regain its original shape quickly. You can wash a latex mattress topper, for the best outcome you should try using a small amount of cold water with a mild detergent or isopropyl alcohol to clean the latex mattress topper. If there is excess water, you should absorb it using a light-coloured sponge or blotch it out with a white rag. 

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