Can Office Chairs Cause Hip Pains?

Can office chairs cause hip pains?

The type of chair you choose can cause you hip pains. Sitting slouched over in a chair can be one of the main causes of hip pains. And continuing to sit in such a position will cause your hip pains to get worse.

Can office chairs cause back pains?

Yes, sitting in office chairs for a long time can cause back pains, there are little things like using a pillow to help relieve that pain and offer a comfortable surface to give more support to your back, spine and hips, and there are other options such as hot water bottles and pillows.

Can office chairs cause lower back pain?

Yes, office chairs can cause lower back pains and it can worsen any previous back conditions you may have, be sure to know that sitting in an office chair for a long time can worsen other medical conditions such as arthritis. So be sure to walk around for a while to get your feet moving.

How to prevent back pain

There are ways to prevent your back from hurting, for example, you can use extra pillows so you won't be leaning against a hardback. You can also add another pillow to sit on and make it more comfortable. You should exercise twice a week, you should also avoid heavy lifting as that can cause more strain on your back. You should keep a heating pad around so you won't feel discomfort when sitting at your desk at night.

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