Can Sofa Covers Be Washed?

Can sofa covers be washed?

What is sofa cover?

A sofa cover or a slip cover is a cover is a protective cover that can fitted on or off a sofa. These protective covers are generally made from fabric and can be removed, for cleaning, moving, or even storing away and removing them to change them for the different seasons. These are only some of the reasons to why people may want to remove their sofa covers but when you have removed them the next step is to wash them and make sure they are fresh before you put them back on the sofa. 

How to wash a sofa cover:

Each cover is different and may need to be washed differently but before you wash any sofa cover you must have a washing detergent that contains no dyes. This is important because many people have removed their sofa covers to find that they had been stained and dyed by the detergent or even washing pods and that is not the look we are going for. This is why the ideal detergent to use when washing your sofa covers or anything really is a detergent with absolutely no dye. 

When you are washing the sofa covers you must make sure you’re washing them in cold water or in water that is of a lower temperature, this is because this will minimise and prevent any damage to the sofa covers. Washing your sofa covers can also help to prevent shrinking.  

If you are going to dry your sofa covers in a drier, then you should do this on the lowest heat temperature for a short amount of time. If your sofa cover is made up of synthetic fibres, then there is possibility that you make damage or even melt down your sofa covers whilst they are in the drier. On the other hand, if your sofa covers are made from natural fibres then they could also shrink in the drier. This is why it is extremely important that if you are using the drier to dry your sofa cover that the temperature is low and they are only in there for a short period of time. 

You should fit your sofa covers back on to the sofa whilst they are slightly damp and not dry all the way. This is because it is easier to put them on when they are damp so they can begin to dry whilst they are on the sofa. It is also important that no one uses the sofa whilst the covers are still damp, its important to wait until it is fully dry to start using it again

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