Divan Bed With Trundle

Divan bed with trundle

A trundle bed is a neat solution that occasionally has guests but has a bit of limited space. The single bed top and another single bed have hidden underneath that are pulled out and set up for you within a couple of minutes.

Some designs of trundle beds allow you to push the bed together to make it a king-size or super king-size bed. Like the other two beds that are at different heights.

Here are a few examples of the five best trundle beds in the UK. Some of the trundle beds come with mattresses while others require that you buy them separately, but if you’re planning on using the mattress that you already own then you should check the lower trundle has enough depth as some are quite limited.

Birlea Buxton trundle bed £195 without mattress, £400 with mattress

This trundle bed ticks all the boxes although there might not be many available customer reviews, the overall score is 4.7 of 5 on google reviews and 4.2 of 5 on Trustpilot.

The bed is white or natural wood in colour and has a 5-year guarantee if you buy it from happy beds. The posher alternative is an oak bed frame, but pine can still do the job. The basic bed frame costs about £200. There also is an easy option which is that you could pick between two mattresses that you would want to go with. You could either choose memory foam or pocket spring mattresses the rather easy option would be open coil which is also available.

Pro: good value, second hand that raises to the same height, compact design, long warranty compared to pricier rivals

Con: relatively unknown brand, the second bed frame is less sturdy than the main bed frame

John Lewis & partners Wilton trundle bed £299 without mattress

John Lewis & Partners trundle beds would cost a bit more than similar trundle beds that are in the market in the UK but are from a trusted name. unlike the birlea Buxton, it’s also made from pine and is designed for a standard single size mattress.

The bed has solids slats which are a slightly firmer feel than you get from sprung slats. The downside is that if the bed stays on the floor rather than being raised it can create one large bed.

It has a one-year warranty which is disappointing when compared to birlea Buxton which has five years.

Pro: well-known brand, choice of natural wood or white.

Con: lower bed doesn’t rise to the same height as the main bed, one year guarantee, more expensive than some similar beds

Dreams classic divan with trundle £170 without mattress

A simple rundle divan bed from dreams which doesn’t come with mattresses. It’s cheap and has good reviews 4.6 out of 5 and 100 plus reviews in writing. Divan bed trundle is a standard single mattress size, so you won’t have to search everywhere for unusual size bedding.

The bottom trundle can fit a mattress 20cm deep. You will have plenty of room on the market under the thickness, but you should know that you won’t be able to fit any mattress inside as some are 30cm deep. The trundle has legs so you can push the mattress together which is equivalent to a super king-size mattress, it’s also 10cm shorter than a super king-size but is enough. It comes in four colours.

Pro: good value, space for a good quality mattress underneath, choice of colours

Cons: no headboard, short warranty length, unexciting!

Noa and Nani single trundle bed £219 without mattress

This trundle bed scores an impressive 4.2 out of 5 on amazon and has 100 plus reviews, as it can also be sold directly from Noa and Nani when you check on site. The bed is made from pine, which is a standard affordable material for these types of beds.

The one thing that you should be aware of is that the ‘European’ single mattress size is 10cm longer than the UK single mattress.

Pro: attractive design, second bed raises to the same height, solid pine rather than fibreboard

Con: unusual mattress size

Hypnos trundle bed £999 with mattress

This is the most expensive trundle bed that is the prestigious brand with a royal warrant which means Queen’s household uses Hypnos beds. The Hypnos has won prizes with the main industry award including the best manufacturer in 2014 and 2017 and was the runner up in 2018. It comes with a 20-year warranty which is far better than most of the other trundle beds on the market.

To make the bed more affordable as it comes with a good quality mattress on the top and a much lower quality mattress on the bottom. The top mattress is a pocket spring mattress, and the lower mattress is an open coil mattress which won’t offer the same level of support.

Pro: highly respected brand, the top mattress is good quality, headboard included

Con: the bottom mattress is low quality, unexciting design!

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