Divan Beds Without Storage

Divan beds without storage

Most divan beds have under-bed storage. This makes them a great space for bedrooms with limited places. Most divan beds come with wheels, which make them easy to move. 

The point of a divan bed is to provide storage for rooms that don’t have enough room to store your extra and personal items. Divan beds also have a solid base rather than a slated base which makes them more secure and hold more weight. 

Divan beds without storage can be found at any store and they can also be found online, it is recommended that you look up divan beds without storage and then go in-store and have a closer look as you don’t want to blindly buy a divan bed without making sure it is suitable for you or your family members.

Divan beds without storage can be cheaper, they don’t have slats so they are secure and won’t sink or bend over time as wooden slats would do. They are small and compact and usually come in 2 separate parts that can be clipped together. Making them easier to connect and disconnect. They are compact making them great for smaller bedrooms.

How long do they last, divan beds usually last between 7 and 8 years, although if your divan bed is kept to quality then it may last longer? To help prolong the life of your storage bed you can do little things like vacuum the base every week.

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