Do King Size Beds Come In Different Sizes?

Do king size beds come in different sizes?

There are 5 different types of king size beds and these are the regular king mattress, California king mattress, Texas king mattress, Wyoming king mattress and the Alaskan king mattress.

Regular king mattress:

The regular king size mattress is the most popular and the most purchased king size mattress. The regular king size mattress is a lot wider than a queen size mattress measuring at 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length which is the same as a queen size mattress. If you are sharing your bed with a partner and are feeling slightly cramped it’s a smart decision to upgrade and purchase a king size mattress. King size mattresses are a lot wider than queen size mattresses, approximately 16 inches wider. You can purchase every model of mattress on a king size. However, even though king size mattress is are wider than queen size mattresses they aren’t long so if your feet hang over the bed on a queen size bed you will face the same problem on a regular king size mattress too.

California king mattress:

If you are a taller individual and still experience your feet hanging over the edge of the bed then the California king mattress will be the perfect option for you. A California king mattress provides additional width and length compared to a regular king mattress. California king mattresses are 4 inches longer than a queen size mattress and 12 inches wider too. However, the California king bed isn’t as wide as the regular king size bed which can be a put-off for many people.

Texas king mattress:

The Texas king mattress is the second-largest oversized mattress that is on the market. The Texas king mattress is 80 inches wide and 98 inches long, the Texas king mattress is huge, big enough for everyone. The Texas king mattress is 18 inches longer than the California king mattress, with an additional 4 inches in width too. However, this size of the bed is very hard to fit into most bedrooms.

Wyoming king mattress:

If you enjoy the length of the California king mattress but crave that additional width then you will love the Wyoming king mattress. The Wyoming king may is 84 inches in width and length. It’s important to measure your bedroom to make sure that the size of the bed will be able to fit in the bedroom.

Alaskan king mattress:

If you are in search of the biggest possible mattress then the Alaskan mattress is the best choice for you. The Alaskan king mattress is gigantic, it measures 108 inches in width and length. This mattress is perfect for growing families and co-sleepers. If you are looking to purchase an Alaskan mattress then your bedroom will need 9 feet of space in both directions, length and width. These mattresses are also very limited and hard to find.

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