Do Upholstered Beds Get Dirty?

Do upholstered beds get dirty?

Upholstered beds tend to get quite dirty. This is because the fabric collects dust mites and odour, particularly if you have pets that you like to snuggle with in bed or young children. However, there is no need to worry as cleaning an Upholsterer bed is quite simple and can keep your bed looking and feeling fresher for longer.

How to clean your Upholstered bed:

When owning an Upholstered bed it’s important to develop a weekly cleaning routine as this is what is going to keep your bed looking fresh and feeling fresh for a long time.

Your Upholstered bed should be vacuumed on a weekly basis, it’s important to use a handheld vacuum as this will come with smaller attachments that will allow you to fit into the smaller of nooks and crannies on the bed. Vacuuming your bed won’t only keep it clean and looking fresh but it will also get rid of any dust particles which will also result in cleaner air and a bed sleep for you.

The next step is to use a fabric cleaner. Before using the fabric cleaner on the whole bed you should do a patch test on an area of the bed that isn’t viable to see the effects of the fabric cleaner. Once you have done the patch test, you should leave it alone for at least 24 hours to see if the fabric cleaner has left any stains or changed the colour of the upholstered material.

The third step is to apply baking soda to the bed, the baking soda will help soak up any odours that have seeped into the material. You will need to sprinkle the baking soda all over the bed and then leave it for a few hours before thoroughly vacuuming. Once you have finished vacuuming you will be left with a clean and fresh-smelling upholstered bed.

The last step is an emergency step for if you have any stains in the material that you need to blot out. Always remember when removing stains it’s important to blot and never rub, blotting will help get rid of any liquid that may have seeped into the material as well as getting rid of the stain, you will also need the fabric cleaner to help you with this.

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