Does a bedroom really need accessories?

Less is more. Minimalism is the future. What are you putting up all those decorations for? Time and time again we’re sure you must have heard that you’re doing this wrong or that right or that this should be like this or that shouldn't be like that. Like us, you're probably fed up and want to know where you're going wrong or right. You might be concerned that what you're doing is too little or too much and is affecting the ambience of your room. Well, not to fear because here at Furnitureful we’ve decided to create this blog all about room accessories and whether or not you really need them. We’ll also discuss whether minimalism instead might be the thing for you. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

What are bedroom accessories?

Bedroom accessories is a broad category that encompases all the etra bits and bobs that you have in your room to make it a comfy haven of your liking. For example, this encompasses sheets, pillows, lighting fixtures and potted plants.

Is it better to have bedroom accessories or not have them?

The reality of this question is this - it really depends on you! Some people prefer a loud and bright room whereas others prefer a minimalist aesthetic. Either way, whatever you prefer is what's better. 

What is minimalism? 

A minimalist room is a room that has been sparsely furnished so that it has a modern, uncluttered look. 

Why are minimalist rooms so popular?

Do you enjoy clutter? Or do you prefer the serenity and cleanliness of a room that’s full of space and made up exactly as you like it? The thing about clutter is - many of us simply do not enjoy it. It can be a serious distraction for the mind and lead to apathy and depression because as the piles mount up so does your stress at the thought of tidying them up.

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