Does Bedroom Furniture Have To Match?

Does bedroom furniture have to match?

Your bedroom is the place you spend most of your time so it’s essential that it’s absolutely perfect and designed entirely to your taste and preference. And a big part of doing that is picking out the right furniture for your bedroom. Having matching furniture should be the norm and something that everyone did but now people are moving away from the matching furniture as they feel as if it’s outdated and boring. Though, this is not true for everyone as some people still love to have matching furniture and have one solid look running throughout their bedroom. So the answer to this question is entirely dependent on you and your own personal preference.

Is it important for bedroom furniture to match?

It’s not important or necessary for your bedroom furniture to match or come as part of a cohesive set. Many people think having a mix and match of furniture can help liven up the bedroom and make it look a lot more interesting as it will showcase your style and personality. Having different pieces of furniture in your bedroom adds a flare and variety, having loads of different textures of wood and materials can help improve the overall look of a bedroom. There are many benefits of not having furniture that matches and that is what we are going to discuss in this blog.

Why is it better to have furniture that doesn’t match?

There is more variety - When you purchase furniture that doesn’t match your bedroom, you're adding different styles, colours and textures into your bedroom. This also doesn’t limit you to the furniture your purchase for example if you buy a wardrobe but like a dresser in a different colour of wood then you have to purchase it as the furniture doesn’t need to match.

Adds personality- You can showcase and express your personality through your bedroom and the furniture you choose for it. Having your bedroom as an extension of your personality will make you enjoy the time that you spend in the room as well as any guests you have over.

Interesting and unique - When you have a mix of furniture in your bedroom it makes the bedroom look a lot more interesting as there are a lot of different colours and styles on display. It will also make your bedroom unique as no one will have the exact mix of furniture that you will have as your room will be based on your taste and preference.

Stops repetition - Having a set of furniture that is the same in your bedroom will make it feel boring and dull but having a mixture of furniture will help change it up and make it a lot more lively to look at. Though, you still are able to buy different pieces of furniture in a similar colour of the material, to have some cohesion running through the bedroom.

Modern and stylish - Having a mixed match of furniture in your bedroom is following the modern style of décor. This also gives you the opportunity to try different styles and colours and step out of your box slightly.

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