Double bed or queen

Double bed or queen  

Beds can come in different sizes but not everyone knows what the sizes mean. A double bed  and queen bed, they are both bigger than a twin bed but smaller than king size bed. But is  anyone asked you about the precise difference between them you could not.  
Here is the bed size so you can compare the differences  
Twin beds: thirty-nine inches wide, seventy-five inches long  
Extra-long twin beds: thirty-five inches wide, eighty inches long  
Double/ full bed s: fifty-four inches wide, seventy-five inches long  
Queen beds: sixty inches wide, eighty inches long  
King beds: seventy-six inches wide, eighty inches long  
California king beds: seventy-two inches wide, eighty-five inches long  
What is the real difference between double bed and a queen bed? 
As for starts the size the queen bed are six inches wider than the double bed. As the double  bed is fifty-four inches wide, the queen bed is sixty inches wide. It is also five inches longer  than the double bed. Double bed is seventy-five inches long, but the queen bed is eighty inches long. The measurements might be big in numbers but when you assess the bed  preferably with you partner then you would know that the difference is thirty square inches  of space
What is a double bed? 
Double beds are known as a full bed that is fifty-four inches wide and seventy-five inches  long. That would make the bed fifteen inches wider than a twin bed, even though they are  the same length.  
As a double bed is wider than a twin bed this bed would be suitable for couples, as the maths for the measurements for a twin bed is thirty-nine inches wide. Which means is that  when you crawl into a twin bed you will feel a little tight sometimes. As for the double bed  its fifty-four inches wide, you are getting twenty-seven inches of personal space. That would  be less than 12 inches that you would be getting in the twin bed. That would make you want  to rethink sharing a double bed with a partner? 
For a single person in a double bed would be great as the fifteen inches wider than a twin  you would have ample of space to roll around and get comfortable in the bed. Since the  double bed are only seventy-five inches long, that could be too short for some people that are particularly long. 

Queen bed  
The queen bed is eighty inches long and sixty inches wide. that would make it six inches  wider than a double bed also twenty-one inches wider than a twin bed. Queen beds are five inches longer than double beds and twin beds. So, with a queen bed you are getting more  width and more length.  
When you are sleeping in abed extra space would be great if you are taller than average  height. As in a queen bed if you are sharing it with your partner then you would each be  getting thirty inches of personal space. Now that would be still less than you would be  getting in a twin bed by yourself, but you would be sharing in a double bed. The added five inches of length will make the difference if you are tall.  
California king bed  
Its very luxurious if you are on your own. The 60-inch wide that would give you plenty of  room to move around. But if you are tall, you could splurge more money and get a California king  size bed would be perfect its eighty-four inches long. Even for a king bed you are getting eighty inches of length. (King beds are sixteen inches wider than queen beds, but they are not any longer.) 

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