A Double Bed or Two Singles

A Double Bed or Two Singles - Which Option Is Better Value?

When faced with having to buy new beds, you might wonder whether buying one huge bed (like the double) or multiple smaller beds (like the single) is better. Well, fear not because at Furnitureful we’ve dedicated ourselves to exploring which would be the best option for both your bedroom and your wallet.

So, let’s get into it and find the perfect bed size for you!

What is a double bed?

A double bed is a very popular bed that is the fourth biggest bed available on the market, only smaller than the king-size and the super king-size beds.

It is also known as a full bed and primarily marketed as a bed for couples (it can end up as a little too roomy for just one person!) however, if you really do value space over anything else then this is the bed to get.

It has a length of 190 cm and a width of 135 cm, making it a fantastic option for those who value lots of space above all else, whether single or in a relationship. At Furnitureful we’re offering Ottoman double beds with Mattresses at super low prices so get yours ASAP!  

What is a single bed?

A single bed is the smallest sized bed available on the market, also known as a twin bed. Twin beds have a length of 190 cm and a width of 99.5 cm and are a popular bed choice for children’s rooms and guest rooms due to their rather compact size.

These beds are as equally accessible as the double bed and whichever you find more suitable really just comes down to your personal amount of space as well as your budget.

Better value

Now we’re going to assess which bed option is better value for various factors such as money, space as well as the individuals who will be using them (for example, are the beds for children or for a couple?)

Who are the beds for?

This factor will determine which bed size is most appropriate for which age group, allowing you to buy beds that will really suit you and your family.

Of the two options being discussed today, I believe that buying two singles is more suitable for a children/two children. This is because they will require less space and may feel more comfortable in a bed that doesn’t completely engulf them in terms of size.

In contrast, I think buying a double bed is more suitable for a couple because they may prefer to sleep in the same bed. However, if it’s truly more space they’re after a double provides them each with a width of only 67.5 cm whereas sleeping in singles gives a width of 99.5 cm, making the single bed the roomier of the two.

Which bed option costs less

Now, your mind might automatically assume one option is cheaper than another however the reality is that you can never be too sure. Prices for either bed can vary widely so don’t let that put you off one option compared to another! Check out a few different retailers and see where you might really be saving. At Furnitureful we’re offering both beds at bargain prices so make sure you head on over to our website here.

Prefer more privacy

The number of couples sleeping in separate beds is on the rise. In the Sleep Council’s Great British Bedtime Report from 2017, 12% said they slept apart and that figure will probably only grow. It’s only natural to sometimes prefer your own space (even as a couple) which is why we haven’t completely excluded single beds for couples and encourage you to choose whichever option makes you feel comfortable. In contrast, if you love sharing then the double bed will always be the ideal bed for you.

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