Double Bed vs. King Size Bed

Double Bed vs King Size Bed - Which Is The Best For You?

As we all know there are many different bed sizes available these days and it's easy to get lost amongst it all. Here, we’re going to focus on two bed sizes that can provide anybody, whether single or part of a couple, plenty of space for a good night’s sleep. These are the double bed and the king size bed, and we’ll help you see which best fits you home and the needs of you and your family.

What is a double bed?

A double bed is a bed that is great for both couples and single people, with this bed being designed to fit two people at any one time.

 Its length (190 cm also) is not any longer than smaller bed sizes like the single bed, for example, however, its increased width (at 135 cm) compared to smaller size beds can be appreciated as the difference between a good night’s sleep or a cramped arrangement that leaves you unable to sleep in the same bed as your partner. On the other hand, some people may not find this bed roomy enough. Let’s discuss the double bed’s strengths and weaknesses.

The pros of a double bed

  • In comparison to a king size bed, double beds are more likely to fit into bedroom spaces, hence their greater popularity.
  • Due to their increased popularity and demand, there are more of them available on the market, hence it will be easier for most customers to find affordable options that suit their taste. We recommend checking out our beautifully designed Grey Upholstered Ottoman storage bed with mattress here to see one of the very best of beds and mattresses!

The cons of a double bed

  • A double bed allows only 67.5 cm of space per person; that’s only slightly bigger than two rulers put together. Unless you love cuddling with others, you may find this bed a bit of a squeeze
  • You may find it more convenient to have multiple single beds instead of a double, thereby allowing everyone more space and privacy
  • For very tall people this mattress can be too short which is why we suggest people over 6 feet buy a king size bed instead.

What is a king size bed?

A king size bed is a size bigger than a double bed and this bed comes to a simply huge length and width of 200 cm x 150 cm. Although they are only about 6 inches wider than your typical double bed, this can be a crucial difference that leaves you with more room to get truly comfortable.

The pros of a King size bed

  • Can help alleviate people’s pain because king size beds allow you enough space that it is easier to relieve pressure points whilst lying down
  • It gives enough room for your kids to pile in (they could need some comfort after a nightmare) or some of your pets (they do say dogs are a man’s best friend)
  • Can help take up excess room space that may otherwise have ended up fall of clutter. This is especially true if you invest in one of our Ottoman storage beds – this will allow all your extra bits and bobs be neatly tucked away in the storage area underneath the bed

The cons of a King size bed

  • Because it uses more materials, most king size beds can end up costing a lot more than you might be willing to pay for
  • Additionally, they can sometimes be too big for most bedroom sizes and mostly suit bedrooms that are wider than they are long

Which bed is better…?

For couples

Although super king size beds exist, the average household will generally require something that can at least fit into their bedrooms and the reality is that most super king-size beds are simply too big for most. Therefore, both double and king size beds are preferable, although you can argue that you might still be pressed for space if you go a king size bed.

 In contrast though, a double bed may be too narrow and uncomfortable. And yet, if a couple has space for it, we would recommend the king size over the double – the added space in bed would be worth it.

For singletons

Without a doubt, we would recommend the double out of the two of them. Firstly, a single person would find that a king size bed is just too big. Which brings me onto the next point – an equally big price tag.  Based on price point we concurred that double beds tend to be cheaper because of their size and can be found in different styles at a quality that can’t be beaten.

We recommend that you check out Furnitureful’s bed range to see a vast variety of bed types and sizes to truly find what suits your tastes. Without a doubt, whether you’d like a double bed or believe that the king is superior to them all, Furnitureful will have the right bed for you.

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