Double Divan Bed Without Mattress

Double divan bed without mattress

If you are planning to buy a double divan bed without a mattress you can do that since you may not need the mattress as you may have another mattress already prepared or have another mattress you want to buy that you would prefer to sleep on rather than the ones that come with the double divan bed you are buying at the store. If you plan on not buying a mattress with your double divan bed, make sure that you already have a double mattress ready, this is due to not using a mattress that does not fit to size will affect the quality of sleep you will receive. For example, if the mattress is too small for the double divan bed your mattress will slide on the divan bed causing you to feel the movement in your sleep. Also, on the other side, if the mattress is too large like a king size mattress the mattress would not be able to sit comfortably on top of the double divan bed. For a larger mattress, the edges would start hanging causing the mattress to bend damaging the quality of the mattress which may force you to buy a new mattress.

Are divan bases better?

When being compared to normal beds divan bases are better than normal bed bases. This is because of the extra layers of upholstered fabric on top of the base which protects the slats in the bed's wooden base by lessening the amount of tension and pressure each slat must endure when a being on top of the bed, movement and actions such as jumping on the bed. Because of the extra layers, it will make sure that the slats won’t break as easily as a result. Normal bed bases do not have those extra layers so it is just the bed base with the mattress sitting on top of the slats on the bed so there is nothing lessening the amount of pressure the slats must take. So, if you want to buy a bed with a strong base that will last you a long while with a lot of weight and pressure being applied to the bed the a divan bed would be better than a regular bed would.

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