From black to white: understanding tones and colours to suit your bedroom

Coal black or vantablack? Navy or turquoise? Ochre yellow or sunflower yellow? There are so many shades of colours that you may never have even heard of and yet it is these very same shades that could make or break your bedroom aesthetics Regardless of whether you own a tiny single bed or a regal king size bed. Today we’re going to cover all things colour - from shade to tone to winter and summer colours, we’ll highlight everything you need to know so that you can make your bedroom a coloured paradise. 

Is colour really important for a bedroom?

Of course! You’re not living in a prison cell, are you? Therefore, there’s no need to stick to just black, grey and white unless you really want to. Although, we can’t deny that these can be beautiful colours too, especially when you see a bed as beautiful as this grey upholstered Ottoman storage bed available at Furnitureful. Without a doubt, this clearly shows how a well chosen shade has the potential to totally transform a bedroom.

What does tone and shade actually mean?

Tone means that grey has been added whereas a to a shade, colours have been mixed with black. Shades become darker whereas the hue in a tonal colour remains the same. This is important because whether or not you want a dark or a light colour should influence your final decision, not whatever’s popular on the market.

What colours should I choose for my bedroom?


The reality is that there are no two colours for everyone. Whatever you want for your bedroom is valid even if it’s the worst shade of mud brown possible! We recommend you choose an appropriate colour because although you may not believe it, the colours of your bedroom can have a great effect on your mood and your sleep. Our top colours that we would advocate for are:

  • Yellow - and no, not the kind that can blind you. There are a variety of shades that can be soft and mellow such as maize yellow or lemon-lime yellow to give your room a soft glow without being overwhelming. Then again, if you want to go all out with a bright shade of yellow, why not have a more mild contrast with one wall painted yellow but the others a faint grey or white?

  • Blue - the colour blue epitomises serenity which is why we’d recommend it to you. Reminiscent of the ocean, this bedroom colour is sure to be popular with both old and young people alike.

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