Furniture Ideas For Hosting The Perfect Halloween

Furniture ideas for hosting the perfect Halloween

Orange and black

Your colour palette should be orange and black! If you want to get Halloween furniture, do so in these colours! Black is probably more of a stylish and long-term option of colour which you can use around the year. Orange would be very difficult to find and not fitting for out of the Halloween season, unless you get orange removable accessories to use temporarily, like sofa pillow covers in an orange Halloween pumpkin design, bedding sheets, stickers for your furniture, wall stickers, or even you can paint a piece of furniture if you don’t mind.

You can purchase a black cabinet for dinnerware, or instead purchase a big sized doll house and paint it black to keep dinnerware items for Halloween, such as plates, bowls, and other dishes. You can decorate the top with the usual decorative pumpkins, webs, bottles of creepy liquid and gore, twisted branches etc.

Assure you have thrown pillows and throw blankets within Halloween colour and style. Or you can get covers instead and keep your original items.

So, get your furniture, accessories, walls and bedding colour-ready!

The dinner table setting

The next furniture you can get ready for the dinner party and table setting. Like every other festivity, Halloween is not complete without some good food, making the dining table an important feature. So, decorate your dining table as this will be a fundamental part!

Buy a chic black dining table, or instead get a tablecloth that is midnight black and cover the one you already have. Set placemats too!

Go for a monochromatic black table. Along with the black tablecloth, get matching black mugs, plates, serving bowls, black wine glasses, and black flatware. You can then add some ‘creepy’ decorative skulls, pumpkins, webs, crystals and even get mini test tubes and fill them with some black chocolates or black liquid! Set each plate up with silver cutlery and black tissues. Place some greenery on your dining table and you're done!

Create a Halloween table

Create a standing table for Halloween games. This can be a standing table for drinks that are placed on either side of the sofa, or against a wall where everyone can enjoy a buffet pick of drinks with plastic cups.

Or you can create a Halloween table for games and activities. For example, things like Halloween photo props for selfies, games like tarot cards, a murder mystery game, or a Ouija board!

Buy a spooky rocking chair

Another furniture idea is to buy a spooky rocking chair! Even though these are more for the Halloween creepy decorative purpose, they can be used practically too! They are just another seating option with a spooky twist.

Easy kitchen furniture hacks

When it comes to the kitchen, there are so many little things you can do to your furniture to get the Halloween vibe going.

Cut out black cardboard to create a simple pair of eyes and spooky smile and stick them to jars and appliances.

If you have an empty jar, you can make a vial of fake blood by mixing 1 cup corn syrup, 2 tablespoon chocolate syrup and 8 drops of red food colouring! Or fill up an empty jar or bottles with fake eyeballs or from the store creepy fake spiders, other insects, or fake internal organs that will really create a spooky Halloween mood. A fun, cheap and effective Halloween idea!

Do you have a black cake stand? It doesn't matter if it's not black, but you can fill the top of the stand with a pumpkin, skeleton faces, a creepy twisted branch, and bottles of fake poison/vials of potions. Or you can use it for a Halloween themed cake!

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