Futon vs Sofa bed - Which should you buy?

One thing that is common for people who live in a small space is the ambition to make use of space in the best way possible and Sofa beds and futons are examples of a fantastic way to do this. Not everyone has access to a home with a big floor plan so these 2 space-saving sleeping options are extremely useful, whether that be for someone who needs a single or double arrangement but which one is the best option?  Read on as we put the Sofa bed and futon, head to head. 

Whether you are trying to save money for future plans, you live on your own or your preference is a smaller home these can provide good sleeping space for you or guests. Having either of these options in your home makes every visit from your friends or your in-laws stress-free but like every item, in your home, there are pros and cons. 

What is a sofa bed?

A sofa bed is simply a sofa and a bed together! It can be used as a sofa during the day, but when someone wants a place to sleep, the cushions can be removed and hidden within is a bed frame and mattress folded out.


  • Sofa beds are very flexible and dependent on what you the owner of the bed wants at any given time. Sofa beds can be a comfortable place to sleep one minute and a super-comfy sofa the next because it only takes a few steps to change it, depending on the type of sofa bed you have. This makes it simple to accommodate visitors and then pack them away when they're finished.
  • Sofa beds include armrests, allowing you to learn and relax in a variety of positions. This is extremely comfortable and an experience you cannot get with all types of beds
  • This folding bed is very unobtrusive which means they can make a sneaky addition to your living area as a multifunctional piece of furniture.
  • Sofa beds come in a wide selection of shapes and colours to fit any type of home regardless of theme or if it's for your single sized spare room or living room.


  • Sofa beds can be heavy and difficult to move about. When moving a sofa bed it is a good idea to have another person to assist you with moving it. Try putting it in a set location so that you will not have to move it again.
  • If you are tall or you are a frequent mover the armrests may be an inconvenience when this is set up as a bed however this is down to personal preference and not all people are affected by this . 

What is a Futon bed?​​

A Futon, on the other hand, has a back that is folded up while in a sitting position and has a button that will allow for the back to go down, creating a flat surface for you to sleep on. They also normally have a single cushion, without armrests.  Futons vary from sofas in appearance since they are not entirely upholstered as a sofa bed is. Alongside this traditional futon frames have a visible wood or metal support system that is not covered with upholstery fabric. 


  • Futons are practical and simple to transport due to them being heavier as it does not contain a single or double mattress inside. 
  • Because there are no armrests, these chairs are ideal for taller persons who want more space to stretch out.
  • Similarly to sofa beds, come in a wide selection of colours to match your own taste and the decor in your home.


  • Futons are significantly less comfortable than sofa beds because the cushions themselves are thinner and less plush. Once the back is folded down for sleeping the absence of armrests reduce the stability as there is nothing keeping y from rolling around as you sleep.
  • Futons do not have the same level of style and quality as a sofa bed offers due to the limited furnishings that they come with.  Although they are practical, they may not fit your aesthetic in your spare room or living room - especially if you want to make a statement. 

So which one should you choose?

Futons and sofa beds each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages but despite this Sofa beds definitely come out on top especially if you intend on using your sofa bed on a regular basis due to frequent visitors. Due to the flexibility of a sofa bed, you can have a stylish sofa and a luxurious bed in the same place - both practical and a way to match the decor in your home. If comfort is your priority Sofa beds are definitely the best choice as they are more comfortable. The mattress can be dressed up with extra bedding and a mattress topper for the ultimate sleeping experience, you can read more about that here.  

If you are shopping for your spare room but your main bedroom also needs upgrading, make sure to check out our range of hybrid mattresses and beautiful upholstered ottoman beds - the perfect combination of style and comfort.

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