September 14, 2021 2 min read

How to get rid of Bedbugs


Encountering bedbugs can be problematic and painful as they leave behind small red bites, resulting in swelling and itching. It doesn't take a long in realising the severity of the situation for those who have been bitten by these unpleasant, little pests as they can instantly multiply and colonise.


Bedbugs are a flat insects that are slightly reddish brown in colour, resembling a beetle. The more blood they suck on, the fatter they get. They can attack any part of the body that is exposed and are attracted to breathing and body heat.


How to avoid bedbugs

You can not fully protect yourself nor prevent from the probability of bedbugs. You are most likely to get bedbugs from a hotel stay, be it a cheap hotel or expensive. So having some knowledge about bedbug will ensure a better chance of avoiding them.


Getting rid of bedbugs is easier whilst on holiday than it making way into your home through used furniture, clothes and suitcases. So, it is crucial that you get rid of them before entering into your house.


We would strongly advice that you unpack your belongings outside rather than inside your house and vacuum your suitcase before putting it away. Make sure to wash everything and freeze the remaining for 2 day at least. This is because bedbugs cannot survive in temperatures under -18 degrees or above 50 degrees Celsius.


How to get rid of bedbugs at home

Though it may challenging to get rid of bedbugs as they are able to survive poisonous substances and can live for an entire year at room temperature without feeding on blood, it is not impossible. It is difficult to determine whether you have completely gotten rid of them or they're simply taking a break. Also, they leave a smell behind which helps lead their friends right to them, therefore seeking professional help would be ideal to exterminate them.


How to identify the problem yourself

Bedbugs are not a result of bad hygiene, but ensuring regular and thorough cleaning can reduce the chances of getting bedbugs. So, it is essential that you either take apart and throw away any old furniture. It is advisable that you wash or freeze clothing, curtains, bedding, rugs/carpets and so on...

Ammar Asad
Ammar Asad

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