Good bedding linen - why your sheets really help you sleep well

The bed always epitomises the perfect place of rest. The mattress is seen as the sole provider of comfort. Sadly, the duvet and bedding in general are sadly overlooked. When was the last time you saw quality bedding promoted? Or saw as many duvets as beds on sale? Therefore, we here at Furnitureful have decided to take it upon ourselves to highlight one of the pillars of a good and comfortable bed experience - your very sheets. We’ll go through all the terminology, the pros and cons and the essence of good sheets and what you choose to top your bed with. 

Consideration Number 1: The Bedding Linen

If you start right with your sheets, everything else falls into place. With quality sheets comes quality sleep. Most immediately think that their comforter or duvet is what is providing them a luxurious experience - the reality of the matter is that it is the material of their sheets that is allowing them to sleep like a baby. Things you should look out for in quality bed sheets are:

  • Bed sheets, duvets and comforters typically come in either pima cotton, silk or Egyptian cotton. If you're going to buy bedding linen your best choice would be 100% cotton but if you fancy something more soft and smooth, silk is probably the best way to go (however, it can be slippery and different to clean). 

  • Consider your price point when investing in bedding - the bedding that is most economical in terms of price point and fibre count are usually cotton bedding. The cheapest are usually polyester/cotton blended bedding whereas the most expensive is usually high quality Egyptian cotton.

Consideration number 2: Your personal price point

No doubt you might receive a lot of advice from those around you as to what bed sheets you should buy, what materials are best e.t.c. Naturally, you might feel overwhelmed but one thing you should always try to stick to is your budget. It’s possible to buy quality bedding at affordable prices so make sure you stay within your budget so that you might even have spare cash for other accessories. 

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