How are sofa beds given to charity?

How are sofa beds given to charity? 

Thinking of buying a new sofa bed? If you are, then it’s best to read ahead in this blog. Instead of disposing your sofa bed, you can donate it to charity, good for the environment and good for you too. 
Did you know sofa removal costs your money? Instead of spending money on removing or disposing your sofa bed you can book a free collection with the British Heart Foundationto donate your sofa bed or any other items to them.  
However, your sofa bed and other items must be in good condition to be sold ahead to rase funds for the charity. The money which the charity raises is spent upon specialist nursers, and other healthcare providers to ensure people who are affected by disease, always get the best potential care. 
Do you know how much the UK throws away in furniture? Well, according to the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce (2022), “Every year in the UK we throw out around 1.6m tonnes of furniture and bulky waste, most of which is buried in landfill or burnt in an incinerator.” Now, how bad is that for our environment? Especially now we want to become more sustainable in the upcoming years. 
How the donation process works? 
The furniture/sofa bed donation process is simple. The British Heart Foundation gives you a diverse range of ways to arrange a free collection. The easiest possible way is to go on their website: Book a free furniture and electrical goods collection near me | BHF and book a donation from your closest store. However, there are other ways too, such as calling them and arrange a collection or even pop into your local store and arrange a collection with them. 
BHF shops brought in an incredible £31 million in 2013 alone, selling 90,000 every single day in the process. 
With 20,000 volunteers all taking part in their job for the charity, it’s worth doing your bit as well for the next time you have a sofa bed you no longer need or want. 
Blog wrote by Anmbreen. 

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