How Do Office Chairs Work?

How do office chairs work?

Office chairs are an essential part of our daily lives particularly if you are someone who works at a desk. Regardless if you have an ergonomic or pneumatic chair both chairs are vital for keeping us comfortable and hopefully productive throughout the day. We all know how important office chairs are for us but some of us might not know how they work, so in this blog, we are going to discuss just that.

Seat height- Office chairs are built around 1 acting cylinder, this is a spring that has been pumped with air. This cylinder is then connected to a piston that allows the lever to be activated and in use. The piston compresses the air even more inside the chamber, which makes the chair seat move up and then when you remove the air decompresses and allows for the chair to move down again. Being able to change the height of the seat should allow the user to find their optimal height that allows both feet to touch the floor as well as having their head against the headrest. Being able to adjust the height of the chair is extremely important as it affects the individual’s posture and comfortability whilst they are working.

Adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock- The tilt mechanism is the main factor that allows the chair to rock or recline. You can generally modify this by using the large round knob that is located under the seat. If you use the tension lever you will be able to increase or decrease the level of force that is required to make the chair lock or recline backwards. The tilt lock enables you to lock the office chair at a specific upright position of your choice.

Lumbar support and back and height adjustment- All midrange and high range office chairs have lumbar support. Lumbar support is designed to support and encourage good posture and helps to fill the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat of the chair. If the lumbar support is in its correct position it should help keep our ears, shoulders and pelvis aligned.

Adjustable armrests- Although armrests can seem like an insignificant feature, being able to adjust the armrests on your chair can make a huge difference.

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