How Does a Hybrid Mattress Work?

How does a hybrid mattress work?

Hybrid mattresses work through its multi-layered composition of foam, such as memory foam, latex or gel, and coils to function as a soft and supportive mattress. This unique combination of foam and coils is how a hybrid work mattress works. It gives both the soft benefit like that of a memory foam mattress, yet the spring and support like an inner spring one. Hybrid mattresses can serve for both purposes for the right person, and as of the double -features of foam and coil, the mattress has been named a ‘hybrid’.  Also, unlike other mattress hybrids have many layers which may vary depending on the manufacture, as each have their own special formula. But in general, there are three main types of layers:

  • Comfort Layer 
  • Transition Layer 
  • Coil Support Layer

For the comfort layer, this is placed near the top and closer to the sleeper to give comfort, cushioning and contouring as the name suggests. Hybrid comfort layers are going to be 2 inches thick and can be one or two layers.  Comfort layers, and transitional layers too, can be made from poly foam. This can also be called polyurethane foam, which contours to the shape of the body to give a comfortable sleep and can vary in density and thickness. Poly foam is a popular and a widely used material for both comfort and transitional layers in hybrid mattress.  

The transitional layer can be the same material as the comfort layer, but while a comfort layer is 2-inch thickness, transitional layers thickness can be manipulated by the manufacturer’s choice. Other than poly foam, other materials can be memory foam and latex.

The third type of layer is the coil support layer, which can also be called the core layer.  This layer is made up of supportive coils which are individually wrapped in fabric, called ‘pocket coils/springs. The purpose of coil support layer is to support the sleeper’s body, rather than offer comfort that the foam layers off. This coil support system varies in size and gauge, where some hybrid mattresses can offer a zoned coil support system where there are different coil gauges for different sleeper support requirements (such as back, hip, shoulder pain)

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