How Long Do Upholstered Beds Last?

How long do upholstered beds last?

Upholstered furniture usually lasts around 7 to 10 years, maybe longer if kept in good condition and if cleaned regularly. There are steps you can use to ensure your upholstered bed can last longer, however, there comes to a point where all furniture needs replacing.

What are the benefits of an upholstered bed?

  • They look more fashionable
  • They can be customized to look how you want
  • They come in all sizes

What is an upholstered bed?

An upholstered bed is any bed frame that is covered with fabric and materials such as velvet, suede and leather. The fabric is usually laid on top of the original bed frame, and there are usually materials such as wool or memory foam in between to add a cushiony look.

Are they expensive?

Yes, upholstered beds can be expensive as they use expensive fabrics such as velvet. they can also be expensive due to the size of the bed, the pricing can vary depending on where you purchase your bed from if you buy in-store be sure to look out for any sales. And if you decide to purchase online, then be sure to look out for discounts.

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