How To Decorate A Four-Poster Bed

How to decorate a four-poster bed

There are a range of ways you can decorate or dress a four-poster bed and these include;

Canopy - Four poster beds have evolved from having a curtain running across the whole bed which was designed to help with keeping the sleeper warm and giving them privacy to having an overhead canopy. To support the canopy a frame is added to the bed, the canopy also helps with heat retention. Canopy’s are said to also help with preventing Insects and bugs falling onto the bed from the ceiling.

Valance - Valances are also great ways to decorate your four-poster beds. The valance is installed at the ceiling and then you can use drapery at the headboard and this will create the illusion of a partial canopy.

Loose swags - The easiest and least expensive way to decorate your foster bed is to drape fabric over the bed. This way of dressing the bed is casual and needs a wispy fabric.

Drapery at the corners - You can utilise the rail supports that come with the four-poster bed and add drapery panels to it. There are many different types of drapery panels you can use and where you place them on the bed too.

Drapery at the bed head - Another way to use drapery is to add only add a drapery panel to the headboard of the four-poster bed which will create a drapery headboard.

Change it up - Don’t be afraid to use more than one way to decorate the four-poster bed at a time. For example, you can use the drapery panels to add some drapes but Instead of using a thick drape material you can use the wispy material used to drape over the bed and you can tie the drapes to each column of the bed.

Nothing at all - Don’t feel as if you have to decorate your four-poster bed, you can always leave it bare and do nothing at all. By leaving the bed as it is you are giving the bed frame its time to shine and sometimes simple looks best.

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