How To Design Your Home, Inspired By Nature

How to design your home, inspired by nature

Nature is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creations to ever exist- the closest thing to heaven on earth. Humans have an inherent connection to nature, where we find ourselves intrinsically drawn, relaxed and at peace when it comes to the earth.

The beautiful scenery of lakes, gushing waterfalls and misty forests. The hidden world of the sea, to the peaking mountains, is only a fraction of the whole world of nature.

So why not be inspired to bring some of the beauty and harmonious designs of nature into our homes?

Earthy colour palette

Sea-blue, grey-blue, hues of green, brown, beige, red, yellow, grey, white and black. There are so many earthy tone colours, shades and hues. Pick any colour combination that reflects nature: colours you see in the oceans, the vegetation, the sky, and the land.

So use a combination of earthy tones in your home interior

Have a bare wall?

If the room is looking a little too simple for your liking, then jazz up your home with some nature-inspired wall art. Your home is your canvas! Whether that literally means getting a paintbrush and creating a wall mural of mountains, ferns, or trees, a landscape or putting on some nature-style wallpaper!

Whatever you feel best, get creative with bare walls in your home. You can get creative by painting murals, patterns, prints, and sticking them on your wallpaper or wall stickers!

Spread nature art on the walls

Bring in some wall hanging or tapestries that are reflections of nature. There are so many beautiful pieces of art that you can get your hands on! Scenic views of green forests with beams of light, peaks of mountains, pine trees in the misty wash, rays of sunshine…

A theme

Interior design is so much more plausible, creative and interesting when there is a common theme! It's worth the hard work!

There are a myriad of themes to go for! For example, you can go for a mountain theme ( have mountain-related accessories such as a mountain wall mural, wooden crate storage furniture and mountain objects), or an under the sea theme with some matching sea-related objects on a shelf or table, such as a ship. Safari and jungle themes or celestial themes (moon, stars, space, sunshine, rainbows)

Natural elements

Use Natural elements when it comes to materials, furniture, and accessories.

For example, use natural fillings in bed-related items (such as the duvet) instead of synthetic- these are comfortable, soft and breathable.

Furniture: Choose furniture that has been manufactured with a simple design and made of natural organic materials such as wood.

Materials: Linen, stone, glass, timber stools, sisal rugs, wool, terracotta pots, bamboo, hemp, paper, and rattan are all-natural materials you can use for the home.

Accessories: all those extra pieces or ornaments and visually pleasing artefacts you place in your home for aesthetic effect can also be nature-inspired. Use live houseplants- place pots of green, leafy plants or flowers around your home! Or, if you prefer you can even have artificial ones.

String vines down your walls, and collect fern leaves, twigs, rocks, etc to place them in jars to display in your home… a free, fun and nature-inspired home!

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