How To Dismantle A Recliner Sofa?

How to dismantle a recliner sofa?

Do you have a recliner sofa that's taking over a good space quite as it should? If you're like most people, then your answer is yes. The majority have a recliner sofa in their living rooms.

Deciding what you’ll be using on your sofa can facilitate keeping your priorities straight. If you've been scuffling with the actual fact that your sofa is seizing an excessive amount of space in your home, maybe you ought to try and find how to store it someplace else so it doesn’t cause you any longer stress. Alternatively, perhaps you have found love for a replacement sofa and should eliminate the old sofa. If this can be the case, then read on further for more information.

A recliner is the most essential part when deconstructing a recliner sofa. If you can’t remove the recliner from your couch, then you can't eliminate it. This is often the toughest part of the deconstruction process for several people. The primary step to removing the recliner is to require out the chair’s legs. You’ll notice that the legs are attached to the frame with screws. Once you're taking out the screws with a tool sort of a flat head screwdriver, the legs should easily come off the frame.

Once you've taken out the legs, you’ll notice that the chair includes a recliner base frame that's connected to the ground with a series of bolts and braces. You’ll need to dismantle the chair frame to get rid of the recliner. If you’re comfortable with a screwdriver, you'll take apart the recliner chair frame. If you’re not comfortable with employing a screwdriver, hiring knowledgeable people would be the simplest option.

Take Apart The Sofa Legs

After removing the recliner, you’ll want to separate the legs of the recliner. The legs are held along with bolts and brackets. Once you are taking apart the legs, you’ll want to get rid of the bolts and brackets from the ground.

Remove the Upholstery

Once you have got the couch pieces separated, you'll be able to begin removing the upholstery from the sofa. While the upholstery remains on the couch, you must easily be ready to slide an arm under the cushions and begin pushing them off the couch. This method is the handiest and also the simplest. You’ll also want to require out the cushions as this may make it easier to get rid of the upholstery.

Wash and Dry the Upholstery Of The Corner Recliner Sofa

Now that you just have the upholstery off of the leather recliner, you'll begin deconstructing the upholstery. After removing the upholstery, you’ll want to scrub and dry the couch cushions. you may also try using the upholstery method mentioned above, but watch out when doing so. Upholstery is often very delicate and might be damaged easily. to wash the upholstery, you'll use lukewarm water and a clean microfiber cloth to carefully wipe over all areas.

Organise the Parts Of the Sofa

After you have got the couch pieces separated and also the upholstery off of the couch, you’ll want to organise the parts inside the couch. This may facilitate your easy identification of what your couch pieces are and help keep everything in its place.

You can use a plastic bin to organise the pieces inside your couch. Having a bin like this may make it easier for you to require out the parts of the couch whenever you would like to. With the separate plastic bags, you may fill them all up with the pieces put into different categories so label them employing a marker pen or post-it notes. These would be parts such as; sofa legs, sofa base, detachable seat, sofa arms etc.


Hopefully, you’ve learned a way to dismantle a recliner sofa and obtained more out of it than you expected. Once you're done deconstructing your recliner sofa, you’ll be ready to store it in an exceedingly horizontal position and make your front room look much less cluttered. When your couch is deconstructed, you'll try using a number of these couch deconstruction ideas to store the larger pieces of the sofa.

Even with the bulkiest sofa recliners, our tips will guarantee to create the method of this easier. If all else fails, you'll always hire professional movers to come back to your house and move the material recliner whether or not you can’t dismantle it by yourself.

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