How To Dress A Four-Poster Bed

How to dress a four-poster bed

There are various ways you can dress a four-poster bed but in this article, I’m going to inform you of the 6 most popular ways you can dress your four-poster bed.

Pelmets and curtains - The first way you can dress your four-poster bed is by using pelmets and curtains, this way of dressing the bed is the more traditional way to do it. Four-poster beds would usually have a canopy fixed on top of the bed with heavy curtains on all sides of the bed, with fixtures that were hidden behind the pelmets. The reason for these curtains was to keep out the cold and wind to keep the warm nice warm and cosy, this was important as in those days there was no central heating so this was their only way to keep warm during the night. Right now there is no need for heavy curtains and drapes like the ones they used to use in that era but if you like how the heavy curtains and pelmets looked then you can still dress your bed the same way.

Light curtains - An updated version of the heavy curtains and pelmets are going to have lightweight curtains on all 4 sides of the bed without the pelmets. This will give your four-poster bed that traditional look without making the bed look boxed in or feel too warm. You can also choose to have the curtain drawers at the head of the bed to give an illusion of a headboard.

Curtains at the head of the bid only - if you are someone who enjoys the idea of sleeping in an enclosed space but don’t want curtains the whole way around your bed, you can just put the curtain at the head of your bed. Having curtains only at the head of your bed will create the look of a headboard and will make the head area of the bed the centrepiece of the entire bed.

Curtains only on the side of the bed - You can create a modern elegant look by having curtains only on the side of the bed. You can keep the curtains to keep the room and bed looking light and airy or you can close the curtains for a more cosy and intimate feel, it’s entirely up to you. This is a great idea if you have a beautiful headboard and footboard that you would like to display.

Loose swags instead of curtains - The most popular way to dress a four-poster bed is to use long pieces of lightweight fabric that are then hung and draped over the top of the bed frame. This way of dressing your four-poster bed is very inexpensive compared to using the heavy curtains that come attached to the four-poster bed.

Leave the bed bare - The most simplistic and easiest thing you can do is leave your bed frame bare as this will give your bed frame its time to shine. Four-poster beds stand out regardless of how they are dressed and leaving the frame bare makes the bed look modern and timeless.

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