How To Get Rid Of A Divan Bed

How to get rid of a divan bed


when getting rid of a divan bed, you can always think about donating it to any furniture store or charity shop that takes in bed donations, there might not be many but there are some. You can always find the nearest donation store online.

Sell to others:

You can always sell your divan bed to others such as friends and family members, you can also sell them to a second-hand furniture store. This is more productive as your bed will be getting more use out of it.

Recycle centre:

If your divan bed is damaged then you can always take it to a recycling centre, the wooden frame can be taken apart and used for other projects such as making chairs and step stools. The fabric from the divan bed can also be taken off and used for other projects.

Take to a skip:

If you think your divan bed is damaged beyond repair and you think that no one can get any use out of your bed, you can always take it to a skip and get rid of it, however, you should consider this as your last option as most of the things that are taken to the skip end up in a landfill.

Ask the council to remove it:

If you cannot get rid of your divan bed, as you have no way of moving it, you can always call your council to come and collect it. They can do it for free however it may cost you depending on how big or many objects there are.

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