How To Have The Perfect Father's Day At Home Or Outside

How to have The Perfect Father’s Day at Home or Outside

Start the morning off with a lazy bed in breakfast. There's nothing as sweet as making your dad bed in breakfast or having a late brunch. Make their favourite- whether that be pancakes, scrambled eggs, or French toast along with their favourite liquid beverage, such as coffee or tea.

Make some sentimental touches to their breakfast tray, you could spell out dad with fruit, add a vase of flowers, or place a ‘happy Father’s Day’ card on their tray.

They should come downstairs with a surprise! Make sure the rooms are clean and decorated. For example, you can have ‘Dad’ balloons, helium balloons, a table full of gifts, cake, buntings and more!

Set the day up with an activity. There’s so much you can do! Whether dear old dad loves sports, adventure, travelling, or indoor or outdoor activities, you can have it arranged.

You could spend the day doing a fun activity, here are a few examples for both at home or outside:

Indoor / at home

  • Baking or cooking activity: A simple and easy activity, with not much planning required, just pure fun. Plus, you get a great treat to feast on for the day!
  • A family board game: who doesn’t love a good competitive board game that gets the family roaring with laughter and noise?
  • Paint together! Laugh at each other’s artistic skills and enjoy the activity, you don’t have to be experts.
  • Indoor party: Host a party in your home, invite family, friends, and loved ones or keep it small to just your immediate family.
  • Pizza night: Who doesn’t love a good box of pizza? Order to your door and chill with some Netflix!
  • Karaoke: There’s nothing better than laughing at each other’s terrible singing voices, or you can play any sort of activity if you don’t have a board game. Such as Charades, Two Truths, One Lie, The Floor is Lava, Never Have I Ever, Hide and Seek or 20 Questions! There’s so much more!
  • A garden picnic: Who needs the park? Simply take a blanket, a basket of homemade food and a couple of drinks and you're good to go. It’s just in the garden, so easy!
  • Gardening: Does your dad love his garden? Get your hands dirty, grab a shovel and get stuck in it!
  • A garden tournament – Olympic style! Is your dad a sports enthusiast? This is perfect for building up a sweat and a healthy amount of fun competition between the family. Golf, musical chairs, anything!
  • A garden party, such as a BBQ party. You can invite guests, family and friends and play party games too!


  • Shopping spree: Spend some time and money on your dad - buy a gift that is impossible he will hate!
  • Paint outside: Take some cavasses, art paper, and paint to an outdoor environment. Paint the sunset, or the beautiful landscape itself.
  • Picnic in the Park: Have the classic activity of picnic in the park. Pack food, snacks, and gifts. Even a ball or kite to play with.
  • A holiday: Who doesn’t love a vacation? Take the day off to somewhere special! Where has your dad dreamed of going?
  • A racecar test drive: If your dad is a fan of cars, then take him to an actual racing car track where he can ride with a professional or have a go on the track himself!
  • Outdoor sports: Have fun as a family and take your dad to do a sport he loves, like running, cycling, or canoeing.
  • Restaurant: Enjoy the night out at a fancy or casual restaurant of his choice! Who doesn’t love the excitement of eating out in their best clothes?
  • Paintballing: There's nothing a typical dad loves to do if it doesn't involve some hectic fun of an adventurous, competitive, adrenaline-fueled game! Who doesn't love getting pelted with a paintball gun?
  • Go-karting or bumper cars: If your dad loves driving, then go karting and bumper cards are another great activity.
  • Arcade, carnival, amusement park: Anything that has games or rides can be a great father’s day treat. If your dad is an energetic, wild, roller coaster lunatic, then go to the amusement park. If he is more of an arcade or carnival type of guy, go for it.
  • Bowling: Strike! A game we can all attempt to play and get a healthy sort of competition started. You can enjoy bowling!
  • Cinema: Grab a bag of popcorn and nachos and watch your dad’s movie of choice. Who doesn't love mega-sized screens?
  • The zoo or safari: Explore the outdoors environment by visiting a zoo, safari, or even a farm if your dad loves nature and animals.

Whether you take him to a five-star restaurant for steak or a night of karaoke filled with laughter, make it special by planning something fun, light-hearted and what your dad loves to do! It doesn’t have to be something expensive or extravagant, but just spending some fun, quality time with him is what makes Father’s Day special.

End the day with a movie marathon or have a pizza night. Or relax with a homemade dessert you made or bought! Wind down and enjoy.

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