How To Make Your Bed Look Expensive

How to make your bed look expensive

1. Use white

Use white sheets, bedding, and pillowcases. White is a modern, sleek, and expensive colour which pairs nicely with almost any colour. They are great as they also look clean, pure and hygienical. They also give the illusion of sleeping on a cloud look- white and puffy.

2. Get larger pillows

Get large pillows, so that they fill the bed. Get pillows that are bigger for your bed size, so if you have a twin bed, use a queen-sized pillow or if you have a queen bed, use king-sized pillows)

3. Get throw pillows

Throw pillows are smaller pillows for decorative purposes, where they are ready to use once bought to be ‘thrown’ on the bed. Great for decorative accents especially if you pair them nicely with other touches of colour in your room – they give your bed an expensive and filled look. Coming in many colours, patterns, materials, and styles, you can pick your choice of look and match for décor. It is generally better to choose solid, simple colours and a subtle pattern should you want one to

4. Get throw blankets

Throw blankets! Drape them across at the end of your bed, or over a chair to give extra warmth, style, and accent. For a more expensive look, go for materials such as silk, velvet, faux fur, fuzzy wool, and velour. Use a solid, plain colour or – if you want a pattern- a subtle one to accentuate more lavish and expensive vibes.

5. Get a headboard

Every professional, magazine photograph and expensive-looking bed you see, always has a beautiful backdrop that frames the bed: a headboard! There are so many headboards with many designs, colours and materials. So, if you are a fan of comfort, especially when sitting propped up on your bed, and want a proper image of expensive perfection, then use a headboard!

6. Add multiple comforters

As the name suggests. Comforters are fundamental when it comes to comfort and cosiness. They are great for snuggling into and look great when topped over a thin bedsheet. They are a thick, quilted, and fluffy blanket for warmth and style! Great for decorative purposes as they hang over more than duvets and fluff up the bed inexpensive style.

7. Think silk

Silk is a luxury fabric. Get silk sheets, silk throw blankets, silk pillow sheets etc! They look great in their glossy, expensive-looking sheen and have skincare and healthcare benefits! You can even go for satin if you want a cheaper option, but silk is much more luxurious and organic!

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