How to make your mattress softer?

How to make your mattress softer? 

In our last blog, we went into reasons why your mattress may be too firm and how this can affect you. Read on as we look at some ways to make your mattress softer and increase your overall sleep quality.

One thing that is important to note is that after you use a firm mattress for an extended amount of time it will soften up. Perhaps your mattress is firm but only because you have not broken into it. Here at Furnitureful we believe that breaking into your mattress is the best way to know whether your mattress is best-suited to you. This is why we offer a special 60-night trial when you purchase a mattress from us, so you can practically try it out after an extended time of use. Read on as we reveal further how you can make a mattress softer.

Allowing your mattress to adjust to your body

As we stated earlier it is important for you to ‘break in’ or become used to your mattress. This is the case with mattresses of all firmness levels. For some, the period of which you need to allow your mattress to break in can be between 1-month to 3 months. This may seem like a long time however it is a long enough time for your mattress to adjust to your body ad for your body to adjust to the mattress! At the end of this period, the mattress that you initially thought was too firm, will end up being just right. 

Give your mattress time and the opportunity to breathe

When you first buy your mattress we have the tendency to make our mattress look nice and all dressed up in time for bedtime, Perhaps you have a new duvet set that you are excited to put on, so you can finally complete the decor of our newly styled bedroom. As nice as this is, most times it's better to give your mattress time to breathe before you use it, especially on the first night that you purchase it. Give your new mattress a few hours before you start to dress it up and this can have a better effect on its overall firmness.

Flip your mattress to the opposite side 

One thing you can also do to help reduce the firmness of your mattress is to flip it to the other side after a week or 2. When you do this you can experience the softer side of the mattress, as the opposite side is likely to become softer after this time because of the pressure your body has made on the mattress. 

Add a Mattress Topper

The final way that may help with making your mattress feel softer is by adding a mattress topper. Mattress toppers, which can be found in many sizes and depths, help to make the surface more cushioned which will lead it to feel more comfortable. Even if your mattress takes a long time to soften up, this is another way of improving your sleeping experience. 

We hope that these tips are useful to you in your sleeping journey. Make sure to check out our online store where you can find single, double and even kingsize mattresses which are sure to provide you with the needed comfort without breaking the bank!

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