How to open a sofa bed

How to open sofa bed

In today's blog, we are looking at the different ways to open a sofa bed. If you recently purchased a sofa bed or you have one in your home but you can't access the instructions, here are some steps to assist you in opening your pull out bed. There are different types of sofa beds, read on to find out how to open either one of them. 

How do i open a traditional sofa bed?

1. Remove the cushions on the sofa

Traditional sofa beds normally have cushions on the back and the base of the sofa. Most times the cushions have velcro so they can be attached to the sofa, so make sure to carefully take away the cushions and place them aside until you need them.

2. Lift the bar mechanism and pull the mattress out 

With traditional sofa beds, the mattress is hidden within the exterior of the sofa. The front of the seat should have a bar that can allow you to pull the mattress out with ease. Make sure to take hold of the handle firmly and pull it upwards and out to bring out the complete bed frame and mattress. If this task is difficult for you to do alone make sure to ask someone to assist you. 

3. Allow the base of the frame to lay on the ground and unfold the bottom half of your sofa bed 

Once you have pulled the frame completed out simply set it down on the ground. There will be an extra layer that is folded over. All you have to do is pull it away from the surface and down to the ground. This will reveal a flat surface for you to lie on. 

4. Check underneath that the bar is pulled up in the centre 

Some older sofa beds have a middle bar in the middle that need to be set up vertically to lock the bed in place. You can skip this step if you don't have it and move on to the next one. 

5. Furnish your bed

To complete your bed add pillows, a bedspread and a blanket for ultimate comfort.

How do i unfold a modern Sofa Bed?

1. Locate the lever underneath your sofa bed 

Sofa beds that are more modern have a lever underneath the bed either at the front or the back of the sofa, so make sure to check underneath. Futon beds normally have a lever on the side of the bed.

2. Pull out the lever

After you have located the lever pull it out and take hold of the back of the sofa, pushing it forwards a little so it can unlock. If you have a newer model of sofa bed it may have an electric “Bed” or “sleep mode” button at the side of the bed that you need to press and hold before the back of the soda bed unlocks. 

3. Pull the handle inwards

Next press the handle inwards until you hear a click sound. When you hear this sound keep it in the same position and pull the bed upwards. This will allow the back of the bed to move and the bed will rotate.

4. Rotate the bed completely 

After you have done that rotate the sofa backwards until it doesn't move anymore. The back of the sofa bed should be completely straight and opposite the floor. You should hear another click when the back of the bed is in the correct place. Finally, release the handle and the back of the bed will remain flat. 

5. Lower the base of the sofa 

When you have all you need to do is lower the cushions back down. As you lay on the flat surface the bed will automatically lock.

6. Furnish your bed

Finally, add your bedspread and pillows and enjoy a good nights sleep. 


We hope that these steps have helped you in opening your sofa bed. Keep your eyes peeled for more tips and hacks for your sofa bed, Ottoman bed and advice for your mattresses also - right here on the Furnitureful blog.

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