How To Purchase a Bed - The Complete Guide

How To Purchase a Bed - The Complete Guide

Step 1: Pick your mattress

When it comes to comfort and cosiness, there’s no doubt your mattress is the root of the dream. There are so many mattresses to choose from such as Hybrid, Memory Foam, Pocket Spring, and Orthopaedic which all can cater to your comfort needs. The level of firmness comes in variety, so choose wisely and consciously.

Step 2: Pick a bed frame

Purchase a bed frame that is high quality, in good condition, and sturdy so that it can support the mattress.

For example, a strong metal or wood platform bed, a divan bed frame, an ottoman bed frame etc. Think about investing in a heavy-duty bed frame, a reinforced metal/wood bed platform bed frame, or a reinforced divan base if you are a heavier person (or if you sleep with a partner)

Think about what size you need, and what can fit in your room. Small single bed, single, small double (queen), double bed, king size, super king size.

In a nutshell, your bed frame needs to support your mattress so it can give support and comfort to you. So, bed frames are very important!

If your mattress doesn’t have a suitable, solid foundation then it can sag, sink, cause wear and tear, ruin the comfort and supportive materials inside, and collectively reduce its durability. Your mattress would need replacing much quicker. No one wants springs poking out at odd angles in their sleep or a caving dip in the centre. So, pick a bed frame that can support your mattress type, and the number of sleepers in the bed.

Step 3: Invest in a mattress topper

Mattress toppers are designed to alter the ‘feel’ of your bed and can keep your mattress clean and dry. They come in varying forms of thickness to make your bed either feel soft or firm. They can have a thickness of anywhere between 1-4 inches thick and can come in different materials. This includes memory foam, wool, latex, and feather. So, if you have a preference or have allergies to latex for example, then you are spoilt for choice!

Step 4: Mattress pad/protector

You can also invest in a mattress pad (also known as a ‘mattress protector’).

This doesn’t necessarily affect the feel of a mattress, but primarily protects your mattress from spills, moisture, dirt, allegers, and dust which in return protects the mattress from unnecessary wear and tear. This will extend the mattress's lifetime and protect the warranty!

Mattress pads can also affect the ‘feel’ of a mattress, but not drastically. They come in 1-2 inches of thickness in materials such as feather, wool, and fibre. They don’t offer much pressure relief or a drastic change to the bed, it's more about protection.

Step 5: Duvet, Sheets and Comforter

What is a bed without these?

Complete your bed with the fantastic trio: get a duvet, sheets, and a comforter. If you want a warm, clean, and comfortable bed then these are a must.

Any duvet would do. They all can work to maximise comfort and warmth; Duvets can be made from feather, down, wool, silk and synthetically made from microfibre or hollow fibre. The hybrid Duvet from Simba, The Hungarian Goose down Duvet and the classic Wool Duvet are the proclaimed top 3 best and comfiest duvets for 2022.

Assure that if you use a mattress topper and/or mattress protector, then fit these under the sheets. The mattress topper must be directly placed on top of the mattress with the sheet on top. If you are using both the mattress topper and mattress protector, then do the same - place the mattress topper directly on top of the mattress, following the mattress protector with a sheet covering over both.

We all know about duvets and sheets, but what about comforters? Do you want a cosy bed? Then comforters - as the name suggests - are comfortable, thick, quilted blankets filled with fibre. This makes them quite fluffy – brilliant for comfort and snuggling into. Comforters don’t need a cover (like a duvet needs a duvet cover) so they are ready to use when bought.

Quick tip! You can use both a comforter and duvet together! You can use them on top of one another or slip the comforter inside the duvet cover. This way, the comforter is protected from moisture, dirt, and dust!

Step 6 – Pillows! (And additional blankets)

Now you have assembled all the main components of the bed, adorn your bed with comfortable, soft, and fluffy pillows and blankets.

You will need to first purchase the main pillow for support and sleep use, which is more of a must than an optional bed accessory as it is essential for support, pain relief in the neck and shoulders, and comfort,

You can also purchase throw pillows and throw blankets, just lay them decoratively on your bed. This will not only make your bed look like a picture from a magazine shoot but feel amazing when you sink into sleep. Get as many pillows as you want, and it will be the perfect bed for the completion of look and comfort.

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