How To Store Bed Sheets?

How to store bed sheets?

Bed sheets should be stored in a cool dry place such as wardrobes and linen closets, out of direct sunlight, this is because when exposed to sunlight for a period of time, the colour can fade, therefore it is best stored in a dark ventilated area, as it prolongs the life of the bed sheets.

Where to buy bed sheets?

There are many places that sell bedsheets, you can find them in home goods stores, and even department stores, you can also buy them online. Bed sheets can be found anywhere, and as well as bedsheets you can also find pillowcases and duvet sets.

What sizes do bed sheets come in?

There are 4 main sizes that bed sheets come in, that is single, double, king and queen. They also come in different designs and colours. There are 2 main fits to a bed sheet, that is a fitted bedsheet and a flat sheet.

What are bed sheets made of?

Bed sheets can be made from all sorts of materials such as cotton, silk, bamboo and polyester, there are many more however these are some of the popular and commonly purchased bed sheet materials.

Bed sheets for babies:

There are bed sheets made for kids and bay cots, they are usually found in the baby section of any store, they can be easily found and they can also be brought online, babies and kids usually dirty their bed sheets often, therefore, parents usually buy many bed sheets for their children, as it is convenient for them.

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