How To Use A Lumbar Pillow?

How To Use A Lumbar Pillow? 

You can use a lumbar pillow while sleeping, however lumbar pillows are typically used when one is sitting down to help with supporting the lower back. 

How you can use a lumbar pillow while sleeping: 

  • Whilst laying down on your back place the lumbar pillow in the small of your back where your lower back is. 
  • Sleeping with a lumbar pillow can help you with better spinal alignment, if you use a lumbar pillow for your neck and your head.  
  • You can also use a lumbar pillow to raise your legs while you sleep which may help with better aligning your spine, to do this place the lumbar pillow under your knee.  

A lumbar pillow can be placed on your bed or on your chair to help you while you are sitting up, to get the most out of using a lumbar pillow on a chair the placement is quite important, here is how to place a lumbar pillow correctly: 

  • Put the lumbar pillow on the bottom part of the chair so that it is on the seat.  
  • Test whether the pillow is placed comfortably on your chair, so that it supports the natural curve of your lower back. 
  • Sit on the chair tall with your back straight, if it feels uncomfortable or unnatural just adjust it to your liking. 

Using a lumbar pillow on a chair that typically isn't that comfortable can make it both comfortable and supportive so using a lumbar pillow may prove to be useful to you.  

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