How to use lighting and different lamps to great affect

People are always talking about ambience and zen and what the correct way is to go about and find and create the perfect mood in your bedroom. And one aspect that is always criminally overlooked? Yep, not paint colours, the type of carpet you need or the other extra bits and bobs you should hang around your room; its lighting. Or more specifically what you can do with lamps and how different lighting can create a different vibe or atmosphere depending on what you’re doing for. So, without further ado let’s cover all the different tes of lighting out there as well as what each type can create in terms of mood and overall style of your bedroom.

So, why is lighting so important?

Good lighting can make or break a bedroom. It's probably the only room that you spend both day and night in. You need it to be comfortably lit during the day but also have a darkened light vibe at night to help you go to sleep. 


What are the best types of lighting available on the market for the modern bedroom?

The great thing is there is a lot of choice. Below, we've decided to delve a little deeper into the different lighting types out there as well as what places of the bedroom they suit best to be placed. So, read on…

-Ceiling fixtures

These are usually nifty lights that can easily be placed out of the way by gracing the ceiling instead of any of your walls. They’re great if you want dim light that’s not too overpowering.

-Task lighting

The opposite of more dim ceiling fixtures, task lighting is great for when you are carrying out activities that require a bright focused light such as reading.

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