How To Wash Bed Sheets?

How to wash bed sheets?

Most of the time the best way to clean bed sheets is by putting them in the washing machine, by using a little detergent bed sheets can be easy to clean, once done you should then hang them outside on the washing line, however, be sure to keep in the shade and out of direct sunlight as this may cause them to lose their colour.

How often to wash bed sheets?

It is recommended that people wash their bed sheets once a week or at least change their bed sheets once a week, some people may wash their bed sheets every two weeks depending on how clean they keep their sheets. And how often the bed is used, for example, guest beds aren't used as often so they can go two weeks without being changed as people are not sleeping on them.

Hot wash:

Some bed sheets need and can be washed at very high temperatures, as the materials allow them to stand the heat and hot water tends to kill bacteria but be sure to read the warning label on the side of the sheet that shows what temperature the sheet should be washed at.

Warm wash:

Some bed sheets can't handle high temperatures and are recommended to be washed at warm temperatures for example 30 or under. This is because the bed sheets fabric is too delicate and can be ruined by being washed at high temperatures. So, the best way to kill bacteria and not ruin the fabric is by washing them in warm water.

Cold wash:

Washing your bed sheets at cold temperatures is not recommended as it does not kill off any bacteria, therefore it doesn’t clean the bed sheet it only makes them wet. Also, it may be difficult to remove stains by washing them at a cold temperature. So, you should always wash your bed sheets at either a warm or hot temperature, but be sure to read the warning label as that will guide you.

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