How you can help your children sleep better

With the days getting longer and even the time of the day changing due to Daylight Saving Time, it's easy enough for people’s body clocks to become horribly out of sync with regularity. And this can be especially true of children, who need time (and most importantly sleep) in order to function properly and grow well. Therefore, it's so important that adults are aware of when their children are experiencing poor sleep and know what measures they need to take in order to help their children settle down into a comfortable routine. So, here at Furitureful we've decided to take it upon ourselves to cover what types of support and tips and tricks can be used with children so that they can wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and having gotten an appropriate amount of sleep. So, without further ado let’s delve into what will really help kids sleep better.

The great thing about the advice we’ve highlighted below is that it can also be very helpful for adults who are struggling to sleep. However, if you notice no marked improvement in you or your child’s condition then you should consult your GP for further help and specialist support.

  1. One way you can help your child to sleep better is to ensure they stick to a bedtime routine. This can be a bath and a story time for younger children whereas older children may prefer to have a relaxed chat with you about their day with some time to unwind.

  1. Another thing you can do which is key to maintaining a routine is to make sure your kids go to bed and wake up within 1-2 hours of the same time each day, helping them feel more relaxed about the way they sleep. Additionally, this should be carried out for weekends and holidays too.

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