Is A Hybrid Mattress Better For You?

Is a hybrid mattress better for you?

To find the best hybrid mattress for yourself you need to look at the problems you are having with your current mattress for example, is your mattress too lumpy, then a hybrid mattress is best for you as it combined different types of materials layered together to help with that. Does your current mattress cause you pains, a hybrid memory foam sprung mattress is great for you as it will relive your aches and pains.

Is a hybrid mattress better for lower back pains?

A hybrid mattress offers support to different pressure points in your body, so yes depending on the materials, the firmness and the size of your mattress. a hybrid mattress can help relieve lower back pains. A little trick to give you extra support in your lower back area is to sleep with a pillow under your lower back to help with relieving pain.

Is a hybrid mattress better for back pains?

Most old sprung mattresses cause back pains however hybrid mattresses are more innovative, they have each been carefully crafted to help sooth and comfort you while you sleep. It is best to find the current problems with your mattress and find a hybrid mattress that helps get rid of them problems. For example a memory foam hybrid mattress is perfect for back pain considering the mattress allows you to sink in, providing support in every body part, for example your legs, your back and your spine.

Is a hybrid mattress better for spine alignment? 

Some hybrid mattresses combines coils and latex layers, the coils give pressure point relief they are also firm this helps push slightly against your back to support your spine and keeping it allied. Latex layers give support without letting your body fully sink into the mattress. Latex layers cradle the body which provides comfort and a restful sleep experience. 

Is a hybrid mattress better then memory form? 

Memory Foam mattresses can be good for you as the materials in the mattress moulds around the body providing pain relief. The body is supported and cushioned with soft materials. Hybrid memory foam mattresses are very soft, and does the same as a normal memory foam mattress however giving the additional benefit of having more support, more layers and stopping you from fully sinking in.

Is a hybrid mattress better than innerspring? 

An inner spring mattress promotes air flow, this is a great option for hot sleepers and those who sweat at night. They do offer a harsher push back so if you are looking into buying a firmer mattress an inner spring hybrid is what you should be looking for. 

Advantages of hybrid mattresses:

  • Soft and surrounds the body 
  • Have thick layers 
  • Coil layers promotes air flow 
  • Have options of being firm, medium firm and soft
  • Hybrid mattresses last longer as they made up of excellent quality materials 

Advantages of inner spring mattresses: 

  • Lighter to move around 
  • They are firm
  • Offer a springy bounce 
  • Less layers means Less heat retention
  • They last between 7 and 10 years 

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