Is a twin bed ideal for an adult?

Welcome back to another blog! Today, we’re going to cover the rather small but practical twin bed. Now, you may have heard of it or you may not have, but the reality of the matter is is that it is rising in popularity in the modern world and therefore, we just have to inform our customers about whether or not it might be the right fit for them. We’ll cover what it is, it’s dimensions as well as its suitability for the average adult. We’ll also highlight any alternative beds that might be a better fit for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it!

What is a twin bed/ single bed?

Now, here's a higher chance that you’ve instead heard of this bed referred to as a single. Well, guess what? They are one and the same. Yep, the twin bed, aka the single bed is the smallest standard bed size available on the market today. No doubt you’ve slept in one at least once in your lifetime, whether that was as a child or as part of a bunk bed. But the real issue we’re focusing on today: can it be ideal for adults too? Keep reading below to see for yourself!

What are the dimensions of a twin bed?

The dimensions of your standard single bed are a width of 90cm and a length of 190cm. 

Would a twin bed be comfortable enough for an adult?

Now, it’s not unheard of for adults to even prefer a single bed instead of sharing a double by themselves or with a partner. But is it a comfortable option? Well, that may even come down to your room size rather than the size of the bed itself. For example, let’s say your room space is small. Investing in a small, space-saving bed like an Ottoman storage bed could be the way forward. 

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