Is It Beneficial To Have Under Bed Storage?

Is it beneficial to have under bed storage?

The answer to this question differs from person to person. This is because every person has their own opinion on if under bed storage is a good or bad. 

Why is under-bed storage good?

There are many benefits of having under-bed storage. The first benefit is being able to maximise your space. You will be able to maximise your space as you can store items under your bed which will give your bedroom a clean and tidy look. This is because there won't be items and clutter lying around everywhere as it will be tucked away under the bed and out of sight. 

Under bed storage will also help to free up space. You may be storing items such as pillows, blankets and duvet covers or any other items that you might not need on a daily or more frequent basis in your wardrobe which is taking up valuable space. If you have under-bed storage you can put all these extra items under your bed and this will free up space in your wardrobe which will allow you to store items such as clothes, shoes etc that you need and use daily basis.  

Under bed storage also protects items from being damaged or collecting dust as it will be stored away under the bed. This will prevent items from being damaged because they will be under the bed and out of harm's way. This is a good way to store designer shoes and bags as they need to be stored in the correct way as they are expensive items that you have spent a lot of money on. 

Why is under-bed storage bad?

There are three main reasons why you should not store things under your bed, and these are air circulation, potential bad vibes, and cleanliness. 

The first reason under-bed storage is a bad is because of the lack of air circulation. Your mattress requires air circulation and needs to be able to breathe. An average human sweats during the nights which makes them lose a quite a bit of moisture as well as the natural always a person has an this all sinks into the mattress and if the mattress does not have the right amount of air circulation, then it will get trapped in the mattress and the mattress will become mouldy. To release the moisture from the mattress you need air flow, and therefore you should not store stuff under your bed as there will be nowhere for the moisture to escape as there will not be adequate air flow. 

The second reason it is bad to have under-bed storage is that some people believe that under-bed storage lets off bad vibes. Some people believe in the ancient Chinese belief of feng shui. Feng shui is simply how you relate to the environments. They believe having under-bed storage gives of bad vibes. They say you should not have any under bed storage so if there is any bad energy it can move freely. If you have items under your bed, then the bad energy could remain trapped. 

The last reason under-bed storage is bad is because of how difficult it is to keep clean. It does not matter how you are storing items under your bed whether you are using a sipped bag or a box with a lid they both can collect dust. It does not matter how much of a clean person you are under best storage will still collect dust as bedrooms have more dust. Therefore, it is suggested not to keep stuff under your bed as you will just be creating more dust and dirt and that can lead to dust mites, and no one wants those.

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