Make your bedroom fireproof with these top tips

We’re all aware of the dangers that fire can bring. We've seen the damage and destruction that it can do to people’s lives. And yet… we don't take it seriously enough. Do you even think about whether or not your bedroom is a haven for safety as opposed to just a place to make pretty? Have you ever considered what you could do to make your bedroom, the bedroom of your parents or your children safer? Here at Furnitureful we've realised that it's time to talk about this matter and help people with the practical realities of it. Therefore, we've created this guide and filled it with our top tips about fire safety and how you can go about fire proofing your room. So, without further ado let's get into it and discuss all things fire safety related!

Below, we've covered some of our top tips. Read on…

Our top tip number one - Make sure you’re not the cause of any fires

It's easy to be wary of this new mattress you brought or that overhead fixture you installed - but what if you are the real fire instigator. Avoid activities like smoking in the bedroom so that you don't accidently cause anything to set ablaze.

Our top tip number two - Be wary of companies selling products with fake labels

The UK does have flammability standards for mattresses so make sure that the one your buying meets them. Additionally, even if it has them the labels may be fake - therefore, be wary of mattresses that seem a little too good to be true (because they probably are!). Additionally, there is something known as the NBF (National Bed Federation) label which highlights that members have met their stringent criteria of flaimilty and cleanliness of their fillings.

So, what do you think? Was anything useful? Comment down below!

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