Mattress And Box Spring

Mattress and box spring

Some people would prefer to sleep on the floor, something which would come naturally to them but would be unimaginable to others. Most sleepers prefer to sleep on mattresses that are super comfortable that they can sleep on, but there are some things that you need to know about the bed foundation. Like would you know about the box spring and if it's necessary?

Let me start off by telling you what box spring means. It is a foundation that lifts your mattress up, which usually has a wooden frame and springs or metal rods that are mostly aimed to support and lift your bed. The box spring mattress is recommended to everyone that wants to decrease exposure to mite allergens.

For example, if the mattress is to support your body, the mattress would need a box spring as it ensures its longevity. The height of the box spring is like the bed itself.

Why are box spring mattresses important?

Most modern mattresses do not necessarily have to be box springs.

Most mattresses such as memory foam and latex mattress providers will ask you to use the mattress foundation. As mattresses would require some support so the box spring will protect your mattress from sagging.

One piece of advice that I have always been told is that you should never place a new mattress on the old box spring. It can shorten the mattress's lifespan and destroy any chances of it surviving past its warranty.

Different types of box springs

Mattress manufacturers used to design only one size box spring that stood about eight inches tall. Since not all sleepers preferred this height option, they then created a low-profile box spring in that case between 5 and 6 inches tall.

Two types of box springs on the market

Traditional box springs – 8 inches tall

That would depend on the manufacturer it would be a great slim mattress that would add additional height to your bed set. Then you will not have to worry about the mattress elevation and apply the box spring of your preference,

Characteristics of traditional box springs

  • Heavier but firmer.
  • Easy to get out of the bed.
  • Difficult to move.
  • Adds additional height to the bed set
  • If your answer is no, then you can take the alternative option which is low profile box spring.
  • Low-profile box springs
  • Are thinner and lighter than the traditional box springs, this is perfect if you are already having a tall mattress and do not want to add additional height to it.
  • You will still get the extra support without the additional height that overcrowds your room. Many people would prefer this option due to the minimalist visual perks. Both traditional and low-profile box springs will provide you with the same degree of support. When sleeping on either of the mattresses you will not feel any difference.

Feature of the low-profile box spring

  • Easy to move
  • Add additional support to your mattress
  • Great for aesthetic reasons
  • Might be too low for some sleepers

There is an alternative for those people that do not like box spring mattresses as they are not for everyone due to their qualities and visual element. Here I am going to be telling you about the alternative that has become increasingly popular today which is mattress foundation. This is a popular option for manufacturers and sleepers. The foundation is understood about box springs, but they are different.

With the foundation, most are designed from wood and slats that go along the surface. Sometimes they even use metal in the construction. The mattress foundation offers the best support that can prevent premature sagging with every type of mattress on the market.

Memory foam

Top option – puffy, Layla


Top option -Saatva, wink beds


Top option - Saatva, Layla


Top option – plush beds, Zenhaven

I am going to tell you about the innerspring mattresses in the industry that I will be comparing below are:


9.8 star

Innerspring mattress

Qualities – best innerspring mattress, eco-friendly and responsive

Wink beds

9.1 stars

Hybrid mattress

All around solid mattress provider, pricey but worth the money


8.5 stars

Hybrid mattress

Qualities – it has six main models that you can choose from, and everyone can find one that is suitable for me the best.

As you can find out that there are very few significant reasons for choosing a box spring. But if it is not for you then you would want to keep your mattress on the floor. Then you should never go for a memory foam mattress and instead choose innerspring. The mattress has a firmer construction and supportive edges that will not sag too quickly. As I’ve mentioned above the most recommended options are from Saatva, wink beds and helix.

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