Mattress Built Like A Cloud

Mattress built like a cloud

The most common misconception that most people would have when purchasing a softer mattress is that they don’t offer the same support as its firmer counterparts.

What is a cloud mattress?

Cloud mattresses are a type of plush mattress that will offer more cushioning and will hug your body when you sleep. This bed is ideal for people with lower weight who are a fan of softer sleeping surfaces they would enjoy the cloud mattress.

Here is a quick look at the best cloud mattresses

Saatva classic mattress

It comes in thee firmness levels, with a ‘plush soft’ version that is offering the best cloud-like feel. The brand has received a seal of approval by the congress of the chiropractic state association, and it’s also known to provide pressure relief across the body.

The reviews that it’s received are for all the sleeping positions that say the plush-version of the mattress has the right balance between soft and firm, also customers can try out the mattress for 180 nights before they fully commit to it.

Nectar lush mattress – memory foam

For people that like memory foam mattresses but would want a slightly softer feel then, this is a good choice. Customers will rave about the nectar lush they say it’s cozy and has the right combination that is between plush and supportive. Like other mattresses that can get rid of their aches and pains.

The company nectar lets customers try the mattress for 365 days and offers a lifetime warranty if the mattress has any defects after the trial period is over. This mattress can be found at local retailers or online. It also offers a virtual assistant that can help you if you prefer to place an order through the website.

Helix moonlight – hybrid cloud

Helix moonlight mattress is a mixture of several types of foam, when compared with the other cloud mattresses, this is soft. back and stomach sleepers will appreciate the way this mattress will support and contour their body.

Based on the reviews on the websites tells that many customers find the softness that the mattress offers the feel of what they were looking for while it cradles their body as they sleep. The materials are OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified and free from harmful chemicals.

The dream clouds – the best mattress for back sleepers

Dream cloud mattress is the perfect combination of softness on top and firmness on the bottom. It’s highly rated for back sleepers. The bed is sturdy enough to support higher body weight. Other reviews on the mattress would say that the higher body weightier would vouch that this mattress’s ability to support them while having a cloud-like feel.

You can try out the mattress for 365 days, the company offers free shipping and returns. another plus is that you can get a lifetime warranty then you won’t have any issues with that

Casper nova hybrid mattress – best mattress for back pain

The customer’s response to this mattress is that it offers the right amount of pressure relief for the back and joints. This also includes the reviewers who have back and shoulder surgery.

If you purchase the nova online then the participating retailers, which is helpful for people who want to try out the mattress beforehand. The website can also offer virtual appointments with a sleep specialist that is who can help you decide if the mattress is right for you.

puffy lux mattress – pressure-relieving cloud mattress

The puffy lux mattress is the most popular option because it’s designed for all sleeping styles. Many customers have raved about this mattress that it’s like sleeping on a cloud, this helps them fall asleep faster. It’s also perfect for pressure relief.

Don’t let this mattress deceive you into thinking that it doesn’t provide adequate support. For those that are worried that this mattress may overheat while they sleep, it also has cooling properties. Many customers say that it will keep it sweat-free throughout the night.

Layla memory foam mattress – flippable cloud mattress

This mattress has the benefit of being flippable, which means there is an option that will decide whether you want to sleep on the firmer or softer surface of the mattress. Both sides are designed to keep you cool with the copper-infused memory foam.

Costumers that sleep on the sides of the mattress can say that they found the mattress just right and not overly soft.

Plush beds botanical bliss – luxury cloud mattress

If you are looking for a more luxurious mattress, then look no further the plush bed’s botanical bliss is what is designed for you. The materials that the mattress is an organic latex, wool, and cotton, which makes it a good alternative for people that don’t like memory foam.

The mattress is rated medium-firm but isn’t as soft as the other styles. However, the fan of plush beds says that they enjoyed that they offered the right amount of cushion and support.

Another that you must note down is that this mattress can only be purchased online, with free shipping and returns.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur cloud – cloud mattress for couples

The company has made its memory foam and that falls in the middle of the firmness scale. Customer reviews tell us that it’s the perfect cloud mattress with the combination of a soft pillow top and firm base. Some customers even call the mattress life-changing because it exceeded their expectations.

The factors that are considered when you are trying to buy a cloud mattress.

Mattress firmness score – mattress companies rate their mattresses by the feel using a scale, that is from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. the cloud mattresses are plush, soft, or ultra-plush, and the rating is 1 and 6.

Customer reviews- If you look at the reviews from the customers then you can make sure that you are satisfied with the mattress quality, trial period, and longevity.

Company reputation and policies- companies know that it’s important that costumers should receive the best service when they are investing in a mattress. Good brands offer good warranties and trial periods and an overall positive reputation.

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