Mattress Is Small For Bed Frame

Mattress is small for bed frame 

Having a gap on the bed frame might be frustrating as the mattress is small for the bed frame and might cause you inconvenience. 

Why does it happen?

It’s a matter of the size of the mattress . When the mattress is smaller than the frame, there will be a gap between them. This could be caused by you getting the wrong mattress. Or it could be because the company could have sent you the wrong size. 

Why you should fill the gap

There will be a lot of inconveniences caused by the gap, such as your pillows or phone falling in it, there are also more practical reasons to closing it as this can be dangerous. 

Why it could be dangerous having a small mattress 

It could be dangerous if you have young children as they can get stuck in the gap or hurt themselves so I do recommend that if you have kids make sure you have the right mattress for the bed frame.

Ways to fill the gap in the bed frame 

  • Change the mattress 
  • Place pillows to block the Gap 
  • Rotate the bed 
  • Remove the headboard 


If you are not in a good financial state to replace the bed frame then there's ways of filling the gap short term and long term to fix the issue.

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