Mattress to Buy

Mattress to buy

Which is the best mattress type to buy?

Advantages of a spring mattress:

  • The mattress is very bouncy.
  • Good back support for heavier people that may cause another mattress to sink in more.
  • A spring mattress is very affordable since it uses cheaper materials than the average mattress would have used.

Disadvantages of a spring mattress:

  • If you have a partner or someone else on the mattress while you sleep, you can feel the movement from them on the mattress affecting your sleep quality.
  • The lifespan of a spring mattress is not that long when compared to a normal mattress. This issue comes back to the materials used mainly the springs since they move a lot, they are most likely going break sooner rather than later. The springs also must take the pressure of a person’s body weight as well.
  • If you do not want to feel the movement of the person next to you will have to buy a mattress topper to help with that, an extra expense for a spring mattress.
  • Sometime the spring can rip through and hurt the person on top.

Advantages of a foam mattress:

  • Ideal for people with back and neck pain due to all the support and comfort that a foam mattress gives to person while they sleep or lay on a mattress.
  • There is no motion on a foam mattress.
  • A foam mattress has a long-life span.
  • When compared to a coir mattress a foam mattress is a lot cheaper in comparison.

Disadvantages of a foam mattress:

  • Retains a lot of heat so not ideal for when it is hot at night.
  • A foam mattress can sag very early on in its lifecycle.
  • If the user sinks to much into a foam mattress it may prevent them from turning when they sleep.

Advantages of a latex mattress:

  • A latex mattress is eco-friendly because of the material and does have any harmful chemical so it will not cause a rash for people with sensitive skin.
  • Latex mattresses last longer than the average mattress.

Disadvantages of a latex mattress:

  • Latex mattresses are very expensive to buy.
  • There is a lot of movement on the mattress when compared to other mattress like spring mattresses and foam mattresses. 

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