Mattress To Prevent Bed Sores

Mattress to prevent bed sores

A bed sore can be extremely dangerous. This happens when you lie in one position for too long and the weight of your body against the surface of the bed cuts off the blood supply. What’s important is trying to maintain high comfort levels, no matter how much time you spend in bed. Bedsore problems affect the elderly the most. 

Why these mattresses are good for bed sores?

When choosing the right mattress for a person with health problems especially bedsores it's important to understand the importance the mattress plays in the person's health. The best mattress for bedsores is memory foam or latex. These materials can mould one's body curves. 

Memory foam 

Memory foam is soft, comfortable, and breathable. It responds to both temperature and pressure to mould to your body, offering the necessary cushioning and support in the process. Memory foam can be extremely beneficial for overall health. The pressure can ease suffering from back and neck or joint pain and helps with bedsores. 


Latex mattresses provide the same support as memory foam mattresses. But latex foam is immediately responsive to body weight, springing back quickly to its original shape as weight shifts during the night and this also helps with bed sores.

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