Mattress with Springs

Mattress with Springs

There are many different types of mattresses out there, and choosing the correct one is vital for health, quality of sleep and your mood for the day. Our sleep effects all aspects of our life, so if you’re interested in purchasing a spring mattress it’s helpful to know some information about them first.

Spring Mattress

This type of mattress is probably the one that you remember being the ‘bouncy’ bed, which is the cheaper mattress one could buy at around £200-£300. This type of mattress, as the name suggests, consists of coils to offer support to the body, comfort, and a spring-like bounce. They are also lightweight, so easy to lift and handle.

There are two main types of spring or ‘innerspring’ mattress. These are open coil and pocket spring mattresses.

The first type is open spring, which consists of one continuous coil.  Open coil mattress can also be known as Miracoil, standard coil, traditional coil, continuous coil, Bonnell coils, Offset coils, Posturetech.  The cost of manufacturing this type of mattress is low, therefore resulting in a lower more affordable price to customers. So some benefit are that it is affordable, lightweight, allows sleep mobility ( so sleeper can turn in sleep) and used as an excellent support in orthopaedic mattresses. On the other hand, the life -span is not great at around 2-4 years, can sag in the middle, lack of support for sleeping positions and body weight, thin upholstery (so springs can stick out) and bounciness results in high motion transfer (can feel movement which disrupts sleep).

The second type is a ‘pocket spring’ mattress which consists of small, individual pieces of coil pocketed in fabric. Due to a lot of springs (600-5000), this type of mattress can offer more support. However more springs doesn’t mean a better mattress, for example, a mattress that has less springs, but has a good quality can offer a better support. This means that the quantity of springs doesn’t necessarily equate to a better support, but the quality. It’s all about good springs, the materials, and fillings a mattress has so check these to ensure the mattress is worth the price. The benefits of this type of mattress is that it offers much more support than open coil, lasts longer at around 7-10 years, and can suit for different weights. The disadvantages, is that it can be more expensive, harder for mobility when sleeping so turning and changing position, may trigger allergies if uses materials that aggravate symptoms.

It’s important to check all the materials not just for price, but for allergies too.

Hybrid Mattress

This mattress uses a combination of a springs and foam and springs. This gives an ideal blend for both a comfortable and supportive mattress. A good benefit is that hybrid mattresses are suitable for different body types and sleeping positions. It also is very durable and lost lasting (up to 10 years) However, hybrid mattress can be quite pricey. It can also make sleepers uncomfortable as its heat-retaining, but some Hybrids may have cooling features to combat this.

Some people love hybrid mattress, some don’t. So it’s helpful to try them out by going to the store!

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