Murphy Bed Vs Sofa Bed

by Dylan Bowen August 16, 2022 2 min read

Murphy bed vs sofa bed

What are the differences between murphy beds and sofa beds? Here we compare comfort, space-saving ability, and easy use. It takes some creativity to remodel a space from crowded to elegant. Furniture will be cumbersome, and beds take up most of a room’s floor space — and you’re asleep for most of the time you’re there!

Space-saving bed options, like a Murphy bed or pull-out couch, maximise your square footage while preserving your home’s aesthetic. Among people trying to find additional sleeping space, sofa beds vs. wall beds have been battling it out for many years.

Whether you’re trying to find a brand new bed for yourself or to accommodate occasional overnight guests, you'll create space without feeling stuffed. Here are some things to assist you to opt for a winner.

What is a settee bed?

The first space-saving bed option many folks consider is the sleeper sofa — a folding bed stored inside a settee. You’ve likely slept on one at some point — perhaps while visiting your grandparents or at a friend’s sleepover. It’s a handy piece of furniture with a dual purpose, which makes it appealing to people trying to maximise their space. By day, this furniture piece offers seating. At night, it converts into a bed.

What is a murphy bed?

A Murphy bed is actually a bed with a hinge connecting it to the wall. When not in use, the whole platform swings up against the wall. This bed style takes its name from its inventor, William Murphy, who patented his design in 1911.

The standard Murphy bed may be a sort of wall bed. Still, the name is now synonymous with wall beds normally, very similar to how we associate Photoshop with photo editing and Kleenex with disposable tissues. So, when you’re comparing Murphy beds vs. wall beds vs. sleeper sofa options, you’re essentially comparing wall beds and sleeper sofas.

Should You Choose a Murphy bed or a settee Bed?

Murphy and sofa beds are both clever, versatile options for increasing your space. Choosing which one is true for you may depend upon your needs and preferences.

Reasons to settle on a Murphy bed

If space and magnificence are both at a premium, a Murphy bed may well be the proper choice for you.

You’re downsizing: Whether you’re a parent, moving from the suburbs into town, embracing minimalism, or starting a brand new chapter of your life, it’s time to downsize.

When you’re wont to something larger, a smaller space can include challenges, like saying goodbye to the guest room. Whether or not you have limited space, you'll be able to still ensure your children, friends, and relatives have an area to sleep once they visit.

Dylan Bowen
Dylan Bowen

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