What You Can Do With An Old Mattress

What You Can Do With An Old Mattress

If you have purchased a new mattress, you may be thinking of what to do with the old one. You don't have to always get rid of it as there are a few ways in which you can reuse or dispose of it.

Let's take a look into some of the alternative options...


- You can try to repair the mattress if it is damaged instead of investing in a new one. Some several videos and articles can be found online on how to fix a sagging mattress or how to deal with springs poking out. For instance, you can patch up holes simply by using a needle and thread. Besides this, there are other ways in which you can restore your old mattress, making it cost-effective and saving you money.

Repaired mattress with patches on it

Sell it

- If it's still in a moderately good condition, then selling it is an option that is available for which you can get a little cash in hand. You can sell it through platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Gum Tree and so on.

Dollar Sign


- Donate the mattress to a charity shop if it's in an adequately sellable and useable condition.

Pet bed

- Cut down the mattress and reuse it for your pet's comfort. Memory foam mattresses work best for this purpose as it is easier to cut down to the size.


- You can be innovative and reuse the inner materials of the mattress such as the foam and fabric to make items such as bean bags, new pillows, cushions and stuffed animals.

Recycling Logo

- Reuse components for instance springs, stuffing, buttons and memory foam for DIY or craft purposes around the house.


- This is an environmentally friendly method as the many layers of materials and parts from your old mattresses can be made into containers for compost.

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