Platform Bed Frame Near Me

Platform bed frame near me:

First, the best place to look for a platform bed frame is the internet. You have a wider and better quality of choices when it comes to platform bed frames. The choices on the internet will allow you to compare prices of other quality platform bed frames on the market, that way you will be able know which platform bed frames are a rip off and which one are the right ones for you and your needs. Also, there are reviews given by customers so you can read what their experience was with their platform bed frames was, so it is like having a second opinion if you like.

Platform bed frames near me:

There are 3 places I can recommend for buying a platform bed frame:

  • Dreams 
  • Infinity beds
  • Furnitureful 

Out of the 3 stores mentioned above infinity beds is the highest rated at 4.7 out of 5 based on google reviews, but the store has the least number of reviews at 11 from the time of writing. Second in terms of rating is dreams at 3.8 then Furnitureful at a 3.6 out of 5 stars, this is all based on reviews on google. Dreams seeming to be the most reliable since they have the most reviews at 166 and this is at their store in perry bar. If you are looking for quality but want something reliable you should get your platform bed frame from dreams.

Is it good to sleep on a platform bed?

Because platform beds are low to the ground to begin with, they are a lot more stable when being compared to a normal bed or a high sleeper bed. Since a platform bed is stable it will not move about when you are sleeping on your bed. As a result, it will not hinder on your quality of sleep so you can be well rested for the next day without any issues.

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